Qualities Needed To Be A Video Game Tester

Qualities Needed To Be A Video Game Tester

The job of a video game tester is not as easy as perceived by most people. A lot of people consider the job of a video game tester as an occupation which will supplement their income from a full time job which they are already holding. A person who takes up a job as a video game tester will need to have five specific characteristics in order to succeed on the job. The presence of these qualities will add the required touch of professionalism to the job of the video game tester.

All the components and ingredients of the video game will have to be studied clearly and understood clearly by the video game tester. The instructions which have been provided with the game will also have to be studied carefully. The tester will have to state clearly whether the instructions which have been provided have been adequate in order to play the game successfully. The feedback on a particular game will have to be submitted in a certain specific format.

The job of the video game tester is to play the game in every single manner possible and find out which is the best possible method to achieve the goal of the game. If various characters or avatars can be utilized to play the game, the video game tester will have to play the game in every single avatar in order to detect any kind of difference which exists between avatars.

The video game tester should take notes regarding his perceptions and evaluations during the process of testing every single video game. The feedback which is being provided through these notes will have to be extremely clear so that they can be used by the video game manufacturers in order to improve the quality of the product. Any mistakes, errors and bugs will have to be highlighted and explained very clearly so that the right kind of corrective action can be taken by the video game manufacturing company.

When the video game tester comes across a bug during the course of the video game, he should try to look for solutions which will help in solving the bug. Every aspect of the game scenario will have to be described clearly when the bug is being reported. This will be useful to the programmers in charge of creating the video game since they will have a clearer idea of the situation which they have to deal with. Even minor errors like spelling mistakes or problems in the coloring scheme will also have to be reported. The game will have to be tried out many different times by the video game tester before the final evaluation has been submitted to the video game company.

Video Games Advantages And Saving Tips

Video Games Advantages And Saving Tips

video games are a favorite past time for kids and adults as well. Video game is gaining popularity by the day. Studies reveal that computer and video games play a vital role in healing and convalescing. Studies also show that the excitement of video games makes playing them addictive. They are not just for entertainment alone, they can aid in education as well. Playing active video games may stop children from becoming obese. Good-quality video games can provide fun and social form of entertainment. They can encourage teamwork and cooperation when played with others. It increases children’s self-confidence and self-esteem as they master games. It develops skills in reading, math, and problem-solving. Playing high-quality video games enhances and boosts the performance of the children. Likewise continuous exposure to violent games can make children aggressive. Now, the gaming industry has begun producing active ntertainment?gaming systems. The world is going berserk over the wide range of video and computer games that are developed and sold everyday. If you are a game freak then there are comprehensive collections of game portals. While some are down loadable at free of cost, others are not.

Most of the highly interactive games are available for purchase. However if you are looking for cheap or discounted prices then coupons are the best way to avail such offers. There is a site that offers coupons and coupon codes from different merchants related to video games. When you visit the site you will find different stores from which you can choose and select the store that interests you and click on the site to get coupons directly from the merchants. The coupons are updated regularly. There are several major gaming online stores on this site. Therefore you need not search for different websites for game downloads. You can save time by just visiting this site and get all that you need instantly. There is a lot to save from the coupons that the site offers. You can get great bargain of almost up to 50% off. This would increase your savings and enables you to get additional fun in other form. There are fabulous special discount sale events that take place very often. Thus there are best deals always. Check for coupons and discounts regularly and take advantage of them.

There are special exciting gaming packages for kids that are meant not just for fun but also help in form of educating them.

Visit the site for more information on stores, coupons, coupon codes, discounts and special offers.

Video Game Voices Give Life To The Game

Video Game Voices Give Life To The Game

Video Games have evolved a lot since the first one climbed out of the primordial goo in 1958. The first was actually played on an oscilloscope. Years later, there was Pong and Asteroids. No characters, no talking. These days, however, players demand realism, and you can’t have realism without video game voices, no matter what anyone tells you.

When a character is hit, you can’t expect him to just take it silently. Where’s the fun in that? Whether you are the one being hit or doing the hitting, hearing that omph!?right afterwards is satisfying. It makes you think that something’s at stake. That’s where video game voices come in.

Then, of course, you have to have narrators as well. Between the fight scenes on a lot of games, you have a storyline, and someone has to explain it. Video game voices are about a lot more than just talking crap, although that is a fun part of the whole thing. Can you imagine Muhammad Ali without his famous lines? He would make a great video game character, because he is the kind of person that goes great with video game voices.

Besides, video game voices add a touch of reality to the game. They do this by allowing the player to use more of his senses. We’re not as in tune with the smells around us as we are to sights and sounds, which is why no one has yet invented a viable way to add smell to the experience, though it’s probably coming. But there is something weird and unnatural about people who never say anything. You don’t want people to think that about your characters, so give them video game voices. It will have a dramatic effect on them.

If you use the right video game voices, they will add a lot of personality to your characters. Movie producers have understood the power of the voice for a long time, which is why we no longer watch silent films. It’s much more natural to listen to speech than to read text. Voices stay with you a lot longer than text does. And if text does stay with someone, it’s because it made them hear a voice. The right video game voices will work a lot like commercial jingles in your players’ minds. This will give them a truly memorable experience and call them back to the game again and again.

Video Games – Why Sports Games In Particular Are So Much Better Than Before

Video Games – Why Sports Games In Particular Are So Much Better Than Before

A lot of people assume that computer and video games are mainly played by teens and young adults, but there are lots of people, both men and women, in their 30s and 40s who enjoy playing them as well. One of the most popular types of game is of course the sports game, and in this article I want to discuss why they are so much better than they used to be.

There are two main reasons. Firstly the reality is that as technology has evolved, these games have become more and more advanced. This has resulted in games with better gameplay and better graphics, and games with greater depth and complexity.

For example I remember games on my old Spectrum where you had to put a cassette into your computer and wait for an eternity for it to load. The graphics were often just two or three colours, and the games were ridiculously simplistic.

However at the time we still thought they were absolutely brilliant, but compared to today’s games they are not in the same league. Today’s graphics are so realistic it is untrue. You have 3D graphics, amazing sound and it can take many months, if not years, before you start getting bored with a particular game, whereas the old games could sometimes be mastered after a few days, or hours in some cases.

The second main reason why sports games are so much better than before is because of the rise of internet gaming and social networking. You have always been able to play against another player, even back in the old days, but now you can play against your friends online whenever you want.

This adds extra depth to a game because you are no longer pitting your wits against the computer or a few select friends. You can potentially challenge anyone you want to a game, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Plus with some games there is a multi-player option so you can test your skills against many other players. For example some racing games allow you to compete against other drivers in a one-off race, and some football management games allow you to manage different teams online over the course of a season to see who comes out on top.

So hopefully you can see why the sports games of today are as good as they have ever been thanks to the internet and improved playability and gameplay. As with anything, these games are surely going to continue to get better and better as the years go on, and sports games are therefore sure to remain highly popular with many gamers.

Video Game Tester Jobs

Video Game Tester Jobs

Do you like playing video Games all day? Wouldn’t it be your dream job to get paid to stay home and test new video games? Salary video game tester jobs are in high demand at the moment and with the proper training you could be getting paid to do your dream job.

What exactly is a video game tester? When gaming companies are about to launch new games to the public they first sample out their product to video game testers looking for feedback on their games, kind of like a focus group. Such jobs aren’t easy to get… they’re definitely not going to be popping up in your local help wanted papers, but with the right connections and advice you can make a living doing what you love best and make all your friends envy you.

If you are completely serious about becoming a video game tester you may consider taking some classes in the field and seeking out apprenticeships and training programs that are offered in your area by the bigger companies in the gaming industry. Try experimenting with the different gaming systems and types of games so you have a more broad understanding of the different options, this is an excellent way to learn everything you need to know to land yourself a career in the gaming industry.

Subscribe to various gaming magazines and read up on the latest news on the blogs and gaming forums to keep up to date on trending topics in the gaming world, that’s a good way to make an entrance into the gaming industry and moving in the right direction of turning your passion in to a career.

Being a game tester is also like being known as a game expert or guru, which means that people hold your opinion as something important and tend to follow your opinions as if they were facts or news but like any job there will be critics that will disagree with your opinions and debate against your views, at times making you feel that your expert advice isn’t always appreciated. All the greats faced their battles with skeptics though, its usually the case that person is just jealous of your position and wishes they had what you have. Being a game tester is like being the rock star of the gaming community and not everyone is going to be happy for you.

Part of being an expert in the gaming industry is admitting that there is always more to learn, position yourself with the best chances for growth in the industry, don’t let promising opportunities pass by without getting from them what you can and don’t be afraid of trying because not everything is handed to you and sometimes if there is something that you really want… you have to just go out there and take it, because that how you get what you want in life and there is nothing more fulfilling then living life the way you want to and getting paid to do what you love.

Video Game Trade In

Video Game Trade In

In this difficult economy, finding the money to buy new video Games is becoming more and more of a struggle for many gamers. Department store prices are high and sometimes a couple of games can cost almost as much as the console itself!

Fortunately, there is an alternative. The way to get more for your money is to take games that might be sitting around gathering dust and do video games trade in toward the purchase of different titles at your friendly local used video game store. When you do a video game trade in and receive store credit toward a new purchase, it can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need to come up with actual cash. When youe broke and you just have to have that hot new Halo or Call of Duty title, look no further than your own game collection for the solution.

But what if it a whole new game console youe after? Say youe tired of the PlayStation 2 system that youe had for years, and you want to upgrade to a PlayStation 3 – normally that would set you back quite a bit of money, especially if you want to buy some games to play on your new console. When you have a whole collection of video game trade in as well as the PS2 console, you could cut your cost in half or even get the PS3 for free (depending on how many PS2 game titles you have available to trade). Not only does this save you a whole bunch of money, but you won have all those old games cluttering up your home and gathering dust.

Even if the game store doesn have the game or system console that youe looking for, you can still do a video game trade in and get cash for them. Cash is which you can take to a store that does sell what you want to buy. It usually worth your while to buy at the same store where you sell your games though, since the store credit prices given are often higher than cash prices.

In some areas, you may find that there are no used video game stores operating within a convenient driving distance. That need not be an obstacle though, as you can create a video game trade in through numerous online web sites as well. When you visit such a site, you will generally type in the titles of the games, accessories, and system consoles you wish to sell and a price quote will be generated. Some sites will even provide a pre-paid postage label for you to print out so that your items ship for free! (However, if you are doing a video game trade in for many games or a system of very high value, you will probably want to ship them by an insured and traceable method, such as UPS or FedEx Ground.)

Video Game Instruction Booklets

Video Game Instruction Booklets

With every new video game purchase, you will find a humble paper booklet included inside the game case. This is commonly known as the video game instruction book. Some video game instructions are just a few pages of basic info, while others are thick, full colour books, containing maps or lots of crucial background information–without which you will have a very frustrating experience as you attempt to play the game. Sometimes whole areas of a game may not be obvious to you without the video game instructions to provide an overview of the action.

As anyone who has ever tried to sell their used game on eBay knows, video game instructions are a must if you want to fetch top dollar. Particularly if the game is in question is at all rare or collectible. So what to do if you have lost or mangled your video game instructions? Not to worry, there are sources online where original replacement video game instructions can be purchased. The expense of replacing the booklet can often be very slight compared to the increased value of the complete game.

Even if the game is not especially rare or valuable, some gamers are very particular about having a complete collection in pristine condition. If they find themselves without the video game instructions for one of the Games in their collection, they will go to great lengths to track down a suitable copy of the missing game manual so that they can rest easy, knowing that their collection lacks for nothing.

While many video game instructions can be found online in the form of PDF scans or gamer written walkthroughs, true collectors scorn such things, knowing that nothing but the original booklet will satisfy their completes souls.

Even when playing games with extensive help features built in, you can still benefit from having a physical copy of the video game instructions. The instruction book allows you to refer to various game facts and charts without having to pause the action and click through multiple levels of help menu options to find the particular piece of info you need. This can save lots of time and aggravation in the long run.

Some businesses which rent out games to customers have found ways to condense the essential information necessary to play the game into a single page and affix it to the rental case. This eliminates the problem of replacing the video game instructions which inevitably go missing or get ruined by sticky fingers and voracious pets. However, if you purchase one of these former rental games, you will probably want to invest in the proper display case and video game instructions.

In conclusion, it should be clear by now that video game instructions are not a mere afterthought, but an important component in your successful and enjoyable gaming experience. So treat them with the respect they deserve!

Video Game Tester – Get Paid To Play Video Games Today!

Video Game Tester – Get Paid To Play Video Games Today!

Becoming a video game tester might be harder than you think. There are several companies around that pay people to play video games. The reason they do this is because instead of hiring a staff and having them report to a building they just outsource the work. This means there are many opportunities for you to test video games and get paid.

The following are a couple of ways to become a video game tester:

A. There are several companies that produce video games and they need people to test them out to make sure everything is right in the game before they release it. It is much easier for them to pay you to take the video game on a test drive because they are not paying for your health benefits, 401K, and they don’t have to provide a building for you to work at.

What you can do is one of two things. You can contact these video game companies, for example EA Sports, Capcom, Epic Games, and Konami. Those are just a few out of thousands of companies that will pay you to test video games. Your main role as a video game tester will be to play the game through all of the levels and report any bugs or problems that you run into.

Generally the companies give you an assignment and a worksheet that you will need to fill out about each level. Then you send your report back to them and they pay you for your work.

B. Find somoene who already gets paid to play video games and see how they got started. Option A will work but it may take some time to research and contact all the companies. If you want to start immediately then you can use this video game tester guide and get your first assignment now.

Video Game Storage, Finding The Right Solution For You

Video Game Storage, Finding The Right Solution For You

Do you have a hard time finding the game you want to play? Do your Games get damaged or dusty from improper storage? Trying to find the right game can be very frustrating if you don’t have the right video game storage.

Before purchasing video game storage ask yourself these questions:

-How many games do you plan to buy in the future?
-How much space do you have for your storage furniture?
-How much can I spend?
-Do I have other media that I would like to store as well?

There are a lot of game storage options available so it is important to determine your needs before you start shopping. Keep in mind there are several different types of material to choose from including; wood, plastic, metal.

If you buy several new games every month make sure to plan ahead and have enough room for new purchases. If you keep your collection small then you only have to purchase a unit large enough for the games you already have. You can also consider a unit that has additional shelves that you can add later.

Do you live in a small space? A piece of furniture that doubles as storage may be the perfect solution for you. There are ottomans and benches that have storage inside. There are also large pieces of furniture that serve dual purposes. A T.V. stand with built-in storage may be an option for you.

Once you start shopping for game storage you will find that prices differ greatly. This can depend on the type of material you are looking for. A nice, sturdy wooden piece will be more expensive than a small plastic storage bin.

Would you like to store CDs, and books along with your games? There are several multi-functioning storage units that have adjustable shelves and spaces to fit different sized material.

Finding the right storage solution and organizing your games will reduce your stress when looking for a game. You can avoid damaging games from not being properly stored. Once you have video game storage you can organize your games and media any way you like.

Video Game Industry Stocks Why Is Electronic Arts More Expensive Than Activision

Video Game Industry Stocks Why Is Electronic Arts More Expensive Than Activision

I was looking through gaming stocks and noticed that shares of Electronic Arts (ERTS) are trading at a much higher valuation than Activision Blizzard (ATVI). That made me wonder, Does Electronic Arts deserve to trade at a premium to Activision?

Electronic Arts is trading just under $20 per share. EPS estimates for 2010 are 43 cents per share and 62 cents for 2011. That equates to a 46 multiple on current year earnings and a 32 multiple for 2011. The 5 year growth rate is 12.8%, which is pretty optimistic considering the negative earnings growth of the past five years. It tough to have faith in Electronics Arts management considering the poor operating efficiency. Management has graced us with a negative ROE and ROA over the past few quarters.

One of the bright spots for Electronic Arts is the company storied brand name and solid balance sheet. Electronic Arts has cash cow franchises Madden NFL, The Sims, Battlefield, Rock Band, etc. The software developer has $1.78 billion in cash and no debt. The stock looks expensive using any valuation method including price to book and price to sales. Shares of Electronic Arts appear to be benefitting from improving trends in the video game industry. Video game sales rose 10% last month.

Activision Blizzard is trading just under $12.00 and has a expected EPS of 73 cents for 2010 and 82 cents for 2011. 2010 PE ratio is 16 and 2011 is 14.5. Earnings growth is estimated at 14.6%. Activision raised 1st quarter guidance last week due to strong sales from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. While ROA and ROE are not very impressive, at least both numbers are positive for Activision. The management team has done a qualitative job at Activision with its acquisitions and ability to consistently grow the bottom line.

Compare this with Electronic Arts who has been trying to fix its internal problems for years. Activision has no debt and $3.25 billion in cash on its balance sheet. Shares are currently trading less than 1.5 times book value. Activision has a popular lineup of Games including World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and Starcraft.

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