A New Game Concept for Everyone

The Wii is a home video game console released by Nintendo on November 19, 2006. As a new generation console, it can also be used to play old console Games, including some top classic ones, such as “Mario”, “Contra”, “Sonic”, etc.

Wii sounds like ‘we’, which emphasizes that the console is for everyone. Over the past few years, video games have become a kind of “exclusive” experience. The complexity of some of the new games has made the relationship between players and their families become increasingly alienated. But Wii has changed all. It becomes the most attractive and inclusive video game system that Nintendo has ever created. Thanks to the unique controller, any age or level of people can enjoy the games on the Wii. But this does not mean that the traditional core gamers will be disappointed. In fact, Wii has also given them the best gaming experience. Wii attempts to offer a new game concept to players. Playing games will no longer make your thumb sore. You will no longer feel it too difficult to get started. You can easily learn to play it. Gaming is not only for young people, but for the whole family members.

Imagine, if we want to swing the racket in the game, we only need to swing our arms; if we want to target in the game, we only need port your controller to aim the enemies on the TV screen. By this time, Electronic games have truly returned to the general public and become real for all people to participate in.

The Wii Remote is the primary controller for the console, a bit like a TV remote controller. The controller connects to the console using Bluetooth. The console can support up to four controllers simultaneously with signal range of 10 meters. Motion sensors are built in the remote controller. This design allows players to control the game using physical gestures as well as traditional button presses and get the most direct operating experience.

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