Addiction To Online Games Can Be Dangerous

Addiction to online games has got many bad effects on the user it can cause psychological as well. The psychological or medical disturbances that can be seen in the user have no formal treatment or diagnosis in the medical world. The syndrome is popularly known as video game addiction. The proposal to include it in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that is also known as DSM is rejected by them.

The effects caused or the symptoms shown by the addicted user of online games are nonetheless than any other mental or psychological imbalance. As it is sort of addiction, that is why it is included under the disorder that is known as impulse control disorder. In this type of addiction the persons or the users is unable to control their impulse and hence get addicted. These addictions are compulsive in nature.

Few years back the Psychiatric Association has given the review about the addiction to online games. The addiction to the games is just like addiction to drugs and has all the symptoms similar to the possible psychological addictions. They get cut off from the main stream of the life; they don have any friend other than the personal computers. Their daily routine is hampered, they don take bath properly, and they don even have their food.

They don even have proper sleep as well. They don find interest in doing anything other than playing games. They find their interest only in playing games and nothing else. They live in their own world of fantasy that is created by the computers as well as the Online games.

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