All You Need To Know About Snake Game

Snake game vaunts of being one of the most demotic Games in the vast ocean of innumerable online games. It certainly is among the oldest yet has managed to retain the same excitement among the players that it used to decade back. Unlike most online games, there are neither lengthy instructions nor involvement of too many keys. This is neither an adventurous journey involving too many hurdles nor involves too many keys that often make a game too complicated to understand. The simplicity of this game attracts most players towards itself and everyone desires to try their hands irrespective of their age. It has the potential of exciting even a child as well as an adult.

A reptile in quest of food is the one and only living character of the game surrounded by many walls. It cannot move on its own and needs your help to enable its movement towards the food post. Now this can be achieved through the left, right, up and down arrow keys on the keyboard. Although all may sound too simple yet complication begins when the snake strikes any obstacle in its journey due to the player folly. This terminates the game instantly and hence you have to be very sharp and alert while controlling the movement of the snake.

The snake in its initial stage is very small in size and moves quite slowly. Controlling the snake is almost any child play in the first couple of stages. Also, every stage comes with bonus goodies which are symbolized by a bright color. This special food particle remains only for some seconds on the screen and then disappears if you fail to reach there within a jiffy. But, if you succeed in letting the snake engulf bonus foodies then you can earn great rewards. Snake game becomes increasingly difficult with each progressive stage but not for those who have an excellent decisiveness in them.

Many different versions of Snake game have evolved over the years with slight differences in appearance and even rules. But care has been to taken not to bring any marked dissimilarity from its parent game and hence the mission of the game in each version is the same. Some of the latest versions have obstacles in the path of the snake even inside the compound walls where it crawls while no such obstacle is witnessed in the normal version. Nevertheless, each version has its charm and thrill and is a great means of spending your leisure time. Check out an amazing collection of , right now!

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