Analyst said that tablet pc will not great impact handheld game consoles

July 15, there are a variety of threat rumors about Tablet PC , except that the Tablet PC will impact e-book reader, the outside industry believes that the Tablet PC eroded the handheld game market share, but one survey from Resolve Market Reserach shows that in fact the growth of Tablet PCs will not have a great impact on handheld game consoles, the threat of is there but not as big as we thought. >

From the survey, Resolve Market Reserach think 38% of the players would not buy a handheld game consoles after bought a Tablet PC , and this year only 26% users said they will not buy handheld game console after the purchase of Tablet PC. Resolve Market Reserach in the report, said users reply on the Games for the Tablet PC functionality is not actually a dependency as we thought, compared to handheld real players think operational aspects of the game still has its own advantages , and after many Tablet PC users experience the features of the game still feel some regret and eventually return to the handheld game console.

The report said that the tablet PC for the handheld console’s influence is limited, at least not so high as we thought, while the real subject which the tablet will impact are the e-book reader and laptop product. Currently,there are 27% users said after purchasing a Tablet PC will not buy the home PC or notebook computer. From the survey , Nintendo and Sony handheld console manufacturers should be able to feel some comfort, after all,produced a handheld game console is still quite a lot of professional and was favored by loyal customers, and Tablet PC can not produce their own full risk.

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