Android Application Development A Growing mobile game Industry

Today mobile phones allow user much more extra than just communication. Personal entertainments in the form of various applications are the main features of today mobile phones. Game development in the Google Android mobile phones is growing rapidly among the Android users as well professional game developers.

There are wide range of Games that can be played on mobile easily, due to the fact that today mobile gaming industry is well-developed. Game development in Google Android mobile phones is also growing rapidly among the professional game developers and Android users. Professional game developers can easily work with Android Game development by using the Android SDK (software development kit). With the help of Android SDK, developers can design applications that can give your mobile a complete makeover with new functions. This mobile software platform was created by Google and Open Handset alliance, android is an open source program. In addition to this, Java support is also enabled in this platform for developing application for mobiles making it easy for developers to create applications using Android framework as well as Java.
Android application development is in constant growth as mobile gaming industry is blooming, where android developers are adding more thrill and fun along with innovative thoughts and using the latest technologies.

According to industry news mobile gaming is emerging in many forms and many are using games for their different business motives such as advertising through mobile games, movie promotions, multiplayer mobile games, etc.

Android based mobile phones is getting lots of attention as Google have provided API documents as well as many examples to follow for the easy game development. Android also supports common range of media formats such as pictures, songs and videos for encouraging entertainment factor in the mobile phones. There are different technologies and platforms which are being used by the mobile game and application developers such as Windows mobile, Symbian OS, Sun’s Java ME, Adobe’s Flash Lite, Palm OS, Google Android platforms, etc. In Android development and in fact for all platforms, developers need to be expertise in providing the high performance of the game, excellent work of graphics, good sound effects and excellent display. Besides Java support, there are several other components of Android application development. Some components are activities displayer, broadcast receiver, content providers, which shares information with other services and more.

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