Become A Game Tester

Games companies want real people testing their games and are willing to pay a very small percentage of their likely profit, remember a Company like Sony will make $80+Million from a single game release. Why shouldn’t you earn a little bit of that in the testing suite.

However as I discovered, it can be pretty miserable being a games tester, you can be lonely and fairly isolated.

And being a Video Game Tester does still give you the fun play time in between the bugs and glitches and if you treat it professionally even the bugs and glitches can be fun as you try to find ways around them… everything can be a part of the game.

In all of the play, as a game tester you need to be vigilant as you play the game to ensure that things go the way the game programmer/developer intended them to go. The game you are playing shouldn’t have characters disappearing and reappearing when they are not supposed to.

To get a foot in the door why not offer to do a free test, this will show your abilities, and show that can produce the goods in terms of reports required.

Plenty of people are attracted to being product testers due to the advantages this position offers.Don’t forget to maintain your integrity, keep your reports honest.

Some of the problems you are going to encounter include; designs, graphics, design as well as the overall flow of the game itself.

Game tester jobs at home are in demand as many people want to enjoy a luxurious life playing games from the comfort of their home and still earn a living!

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