Iceshoot – New Online Browser Game Iceshoot is an online browser game in which you lead your ice hockey club. You prepare players and tactics for Games, scout for talents, and manage your club finances. Once you take over your team, you choose types of training, build a stadium andContinue Reading

Playing a game for love This is the first time I decided and finally managed to play Runescape. Before this, I have never played any MMORPG. And that exactly why my classmates tend to make fun of me. According to them, this game is not that easy. Just between us,Continue Reading

Outline of Android Game Development No other mobile technology has ever gained the popularity in short period of time as android has gained. Within a short time span you can hear, a large crowd talking about android and using it. The basic reason behind its instant success is its openContinue Reading

PC Game Supply Signs with Akamai – Using Akamai Akamai is one of the largest content delivery network services in the world,providing a huge amount of game content for hundreds of different Games to literally hundreds of thousands of players.Akamai essentially acts as a transparent mirror service for websites,hosting everythingContinue Reading

Free Online Games are Fun Free internet games have grown to be the trend with all of age ranges because they offer a terrific way to idle away a few hours. These games provide a way of reducing stress in your body. It’s also stated that playing these games canContinue Reading