Croixleur Sigma to be re-released for PC with added content from console versions on November 19

Croixleur Sigma

Playism will re-release Souvenir Circ.-developed high-speed action game Croixleur Sigma for PC on November 19 with the updated contents from the console versions released for PlayStation 4 and Switch, the publisher announced.

The re-release will be available on Steam and Playism for $19.99, but launch with a two week-long 40 percent-off sale. Users who already own the original release of Croixleur Sigma will also receive a 60 percent-off coupon for the re-release, which can be stacked on top of the sale price.

Here is an overview of the re-release, via Playism:

With a maximum of four weapons for each stage, choose your selection wisely and create your very own unique combos. Collect gold and silver coins by defeating enemies to buy character customization items to change the appearance of your characters and get bonus skills.

Some of the items have extremely powerful skills and some really make your character design pop, the age old question of Fashion or Function, that is up for you to decide.

This re-release version on PC will contain all DLC outfits that have been added to the console versions up until now.

Watch a trailer below.


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