A good WoW quest helper is difficult to get. There are a ton of them. What’s even harder to locate can be a guide which will cover a great deal of what you need to begin the correct foot. Thankfully, determined by my experience I found tips that covers all this ground effectively.
Dugi’s Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide was already probably the most respected guides around. I considered it a high quality one at the same time, but my beef was them to be way behind inside the in-game leveling guide category. I thought that they can needed a mod to guide you step-by-step inside the game itself, comparable to a few of the newer WoW leveling guides. That has now changed, Dugi has added an in-game leveling guide. Coupled with the gold guide and pvp guide, this looks like a formidable package, let’s take a review of this WoW quest helper.
If you’ve seen a few of the other in-game leveling guides, then you certainly may have noticed they sometimes take many screen real-estate. Well this WoW Quest Helper changes all this by making the smallest in-game leveling guide out there, due to the compact size its ideal for laptop users. Let’s look at a few more features
Dugi’s Leveling Guide includes a waypoint arrow that points you directly to in which you need to go. That alone is extremely good, it includes a few other features that basically increase the risk for leveling go through the easiest I’ve ever seen. The add-on automatically detects objective completion and let’s guess what happens the next step is. It has detailed instructions for every quest, all you have to do is hover over the guide and it opens in a window that demonstrates to you the order of steps. It has automatic class detection and informs you which things to use possibly at what times. Dugi’s leveling guide features a new and exclusive feature which I really enjoyed, it can be a step-by-step in-game Leveling Talent Guide. If you’ve played for awhile you then know how leveling talent correctly will help you to level faster. I found this feature to be very valuable.
Dugi’s World of Warcraft Leveling Guide is sold with full access to member only forums. I’ve test posted and found the neighborhood excellent and responsive. The members site also offers full tech support team also as what I look at the best training videos of any of the leveling guides I’ve tested. I strongly suggest the in-game leveling guide.
Dugi’s PvP Guide is an element of the package. What’s interesting concerning this guide is that it is truly a very interactive members website. Yes, that is correct, it isn’t really a book. I was surprised at this approach but I found out that it works much better than an e-book. For instance, you have the class page, they have not just the most effective strategies utilized for each and every class, but also the top macros, and what really won me over would be the instructional videos. Each subpage explaining the course PvP strategies is filled with links that lead to deeper explanations when you need them. This covers a lot of ground and is a must if you’re planning on having the most out of this WoW quest helper. I found it well done.
Dugi’s Farming Gold Guide and Professions Guide are carried out very well also. They are also interactive websites instead of ebooks. They include instructional videos which will help a person associated with a level. I found this well done, and also the first method he teaches is easy yet effective. I can’t disclose it needless to say, but like a seasoned veteran I was surprised I had missed this specific gold farming strategy. It’s all white hat so no worries there. I’ll bring that every one of Dugi’s guides are legitimate and legal strategies. Again, this portion in the this WoW quest helper is fantastic. I’ll add quickly the message boards are extremely cool, there you will discover a a lot of extra secret locations, and tried and tested strategies above and beyond the guides themselves.
All in most, an incredible set of WoW quest helpers. Dugi actually features a very practical strategy that he describes simply because this. First; obtain one level 80: Second; fund your characters gold: Third; Dominate in PVP. I found this to be an excellent approach. I strongly suggest this WoW quest helper, a great in one guide solution. Good luck!


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