Who else is sick and tired of farming gold or auction house gambling and choose to earn gold the guaranteed and fun way by doing quests… Also earn EXALTED reputation for all Cataclysm factions to gain access to epic gears, special mounts and enchants. Ever wonder what your planning to do after reaching level 85? Dugi Warcraft Event and Daily Cataclysm Guide is for you.

Unlike PDF guides our unique guide works within the game, to constantly tell you what direction to go, step-by-step. Make gold the guaranteed way and earn reputations required for special items, enchants, and recipe to your professions. Is 25 dailies within just 120 minutes even possible? Of course it is! You can easily do that when you know each of the right locations and handle all the required chain quests. Completing these quests is significantly much more than Gold you will also gain reputation that can enable you to get entry to special Epic Enchants, Epic Items, Pets, and Epic Mounts! Epic Items that you get from reputations are only around 20g-100g to buy, this sure beats paying 2000g-10,000g to your epic items in the Auction House. Earning gold from daily questing is guaranteed gold you will earn! Gold farming and playing on the auction you are going to always be determined by luck and competition. While daily questing will assure you your time will ALWAYS be rewarded with hundreds of gold. Dugi Warcraft Event and Daily Guide Includes:

– Complete Level 70-85 Northrend Daily quest guides – Complete Daily quest pre-requisite guide – Complete Argent Tournament Guide – Speed gold run guides – Organized by Zones and Reputations – Simple and easy to use – Over 20 Video tutorials tips for faster dailies.


– In-game Netherdrake reputation guide – Horde Ravasaur mount reputation guide – Online and In-Game seasonal events guide – Over 20 Dailies Instructional Videos! $17 Value FREE – 9 Seasonal WoW Event Guides! $37 Value FREE – Dugi’s WoW Gold Guide.


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