Finding the Best Place to Sell Video Games for Cash

So you just got a PlayStation 3 console and it’s time to sell your old video game console. Or maybe you are trying to sell some games, to get enough money to buy something newer. Whatever the case maybe you certainly can achieve great success with certain venues.

Posting a free and simple Craigslist add; certainly can bring you the sale you are looking for. Craigslist is very easy to sign up with and to post your free add in minutes. You will need to verify your email address and a phone number in order to sell your item. That process is pretty quick, and painless. Once you begin to create your add you just need to make yourself a brief description for what games you want to sell, be fair with the condition of the games. Make sure to take a couple of photos of what you have to sell. You can list up to four photos or if you understand html, you can list as many as you want. A few simple tips to remember, always meet people in a public place, preferable well light, and only accept cash from people.

Local video game stores are surely a great place to sell games. Many of these stores have an infrastructure in places to buy entire collections of video games. With many of these shops, prices will certainly vary, and some shops don’t buy everything. So it is up to you to do a little homework, just search around read some reviews, and see if they have a website with pricing information or quality requirements. Don’t hesitate to call these shops as well; you can get all your questions answered quicker this way.

Online video game sites are another great choice. Many of these sites have their prices for what they will pay you for a game on their website. You can use this information to compare with several other video game sites. Just make sure you compare prices, and ensure the company is reputable. Go to Google and look for reviews of any place you are considering, heck even check the Better Business Bureau.

The last option would have to be eBay and or Amazon. Don’t take this the wrong way these are excellent places to sell your games, but it will cost you as well. Considering if you sell a game on eBay you will pay a listing fee, then eBay takes 15% of the final value of your game. So if your game sells on eBay for say $35, you would have paid eBay approx $5.50. Then with eBay you have to use PayPal to collect the money and you lose a couple dollars there as well. Amazon is very similar to the fee structure on eBay, except Amazon does all the money collecting for you.

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