Free Online Games For Girls Getting Popular With Each Passing Day!

It is a well-known fact that girls and boys have different tastes in life and the same holds true when it comes to gaming preferences too. If you check some of the paid online games or free online games made for girls, they are quite different from the ones for the boys. The increasing amount of games that are created for girls, are a reflection of the fact that women are a huge market for online gaming.
Surveys show that girls in the age bracket 13 and 35 are particularly interested in playing online. Some of the for girls include make-over games, cooking, dcor, celebrity dress-up games etc. Girls also prefer games with interesting story lines, time-management and puzzle oriented games. Though action games are targeted at guys, it will be a fallacy to assume that women do not like action games. However compared to boys, who prefer shoot and scoot type games, girls prefer a full-bodied free adventure games or action arcade games with a lot of strategizing involved. So we see that setting things ‘right’ is in the DNA of girls. However, the population of girls who likes action and is lesser, because overall girls prefer games that test their organization and planning skills.
Some of the popular games for girls include flash based games like Home Sweet Home, Cooking Show, Jasmine and Jack, Cake Mania, Kelly’s Summer Jobs, Daycare Nightmare and Farm Frenzy. By having a look at these games, you will have a clear idea of what girls generally prefer in their choices of online games. They would love to play that give vent to their sense of aesthetics, their ability to dress up a doll, organize a party or add a dash of elegance to room dcor. These games are a manifestation of the gentle, caring and meticulous nature that is inherent in girls generally. Such kind of games can be quite enriching to girls because they help them understand the kind of aestheticism that is expected of them when they actually do such things in real life.
The beauty of online games for girls is that they are real. Normally things like recipe making, dressing up, makeovers, babysitting, and interior decorating are ‘real things’ unlike action games of guys which are pure fantasy and an illusion. So girls, exercise your brain, involve and engage yourself with some of the best online games.

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