Free Typing Games – How To Play Alphattack Game

Alphattack Game is another type of free online that anyone can play to improve their typing skills and speed. In this game, the player will need to save a city from falling alpha bombs by pressing the corresponding letter on the computer keyboard before the bombs reach the ground. Read on to learn more about this game and how it is played.

1. On the main page, you will have the option to choose Play, Settings, How To Play, Scores and Play More Games. In the Setting page, you can adjust the volume of the sound and music to your preference. You can also choose to check or uncheck how Hint And Tips.?The How To Play page will give you the detailed information on how to play the game and other important details like the specific description of each bomb type and how to get extra life and bonuses.

2. Inside the game, you will see buildings and houses on the lower part of the screen. Once the falling bombs appear on the upper side, you will need to press the corresponding letter on the keyboard so that the bombs will disintegrate before they reach the building or the houses. If you fail to press the correct letter or miss a bomb, it will destroy the building upon reaching it.

3. You will encounter different types of bombs. These include grunts which are the basic bombs, rotators which are rotating bombs, critters which are the most dangerous bombs of all as it will eat its way down through the building so this must be destroyed first, zeppelins which you will need to punch in the three digit number on its side, and sawblades bombs which are dropped off by zeppelins which you should hit before they damage the town with their sharp blades.

4. There are also bonus letters which do not cause damage to your town. If you get them all, you will be rewarded extra life or extra panic bomb. Panic bombs will destroy all the enemies on the screen all at once by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard which is very helpful when there is too much bombs for you to handle.

5. The game will be over when a bomb finally reached the ground. After each level, the screen will then display your bonus score, total score and typing accuracy.

Alphattack Game is a very enjoyable typing game that your children can play while learning how to type. The graphic is clean and beautiful and the sound and music of the game are just right. To know more about this game, just visit this site You may also find other Typing Games and boy and girl games such as , celebrity in this site as well.

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