Game Account Hacking Depressed me long Time

I really hate the people who doing game account hacking, although I have to admit that they are indeed very powerful.

Why they can obtain a cool account just using a computer hacking technique? Having account hacked could mean hours of lost work and hours more spent on the game!

In fact, I was depressed for long time when one of my game accounts had been stolen. And even give up the game I play for three years. Fortunately, there must be many players have had the same experience like me. I have searched many hacking related posts when I lost my game account, the reason is to find comfort from other players who have the same tragedy with me and I am depressed and I need someone to talk to.

Anger can not do any thing for changing the tragedy, I still recognize the reality after that. Game accounts have been the targets of hackers for years, and as more and more Games go online the stakes are only rising.

So how are my game accounts hacked, and what can I do to stop it from being a target? It is the most important problem that any players should pay attention. Even if you never lost the account, but there is still risk of being hacking if it rock you in the certain game.

No one hacks without cause or purpose. The reason people hack MMO account is for gold, or revenge on another player. I’ve found the majority of account hacks are due to account holder ignorance. Examples include: falling for scams, taking false tips from other players, logging into fake sites, following bad emails and things like that. Since I have lost my account imformation, I have learned how to avoid that tragedy happen again. Here is my protection experience for that:

First, I reset a complex pass word with the account. Those accounts which password is only pure numbers like 123456 are very easy to hack. Reset the password when you from others. There no need for any hacking to take place when so many users have such lax security.

Second, do not disclose your account information to anyone else, even your girlfriend can not! Not to say that they will steal your account, but some of their imprudent to operate internet also may inadvertently disclose your information.

Third, do not install unsolicited software when you play the game. Some of software designed for game is easy to steal your account information.

Last, of course, do not open unsolicited web site, which is the need to pay attention to network uses security, I will not elaborate here. Hope you can avoid your cool account from hacking by others after reading my experience.

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