Get rid of game addiction

Are you super gamers that spend over five hours a day playing video Games?

If yes, perhaps you have got a video game addition. What are some symptoms that you are addicted to a game?

Take Runescape as an example. Runescape got the boost in 2007. At the same time, there are many young adults being addicted to it. They searched for to level fast, train skills high and earn rs money, etc. For those talented gamers, they are more likely to get addicted to game as sometimes they to make a profit by power leveling runescape. Once, there was a report saying that online gaming addiction should be characterized by the extent to which excessive gaming impacts negatively on other areas of the gamers, which means desire for video game playing doesn lead to an addiction until it have bad influence on your ability to do other things.

If you want to cure game addition, like a video game, you can follow tips.

First of all, you should get rid of the game system. You should stop buying equipment and CD key if you are a WoW gamer. If you are a runescape gamer, you can sell rs accounts to others so that you can quit fast. Or you can uninstall your Runescape run program on your PC. If you have more than one , you can give to your friends or sell them.

Then you should focus on your study or work. You should distract your concentration from game to your study or work. Even if you are not a student or a worker, you can do something to change your habit.

If you want to improve yourselves, you can read some books, such as an interesting novel. As long as it is not a book about game guide or introduction of your addicted game, you can read it! Newspapers, magazine or essays are good for you!

If you feel bored when reading books, you can go to bed earlier so that you will feel lonely sitting in front of your computer.

Also, you can join some clubs or social activities. You can skate on your skateboard, ride your bike along the river or beautiful scenery spots or ride on your scooter. Go camping, hiking or fishing if available for you. Physical exercises are good for both your body and your mental health, which are good therapy to cure your game addiction.

If you are not outdoor activities fans, you can go to a cinema to watch a film or stay at home to watch a hot popular TV show. If you don reject going out, you can hang out at your friends?house to join a party.

Hope these tips can help you get rid of game addiction.

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