Help! My Boyfriend Ignores Me To Play Video Games

There is a problem that many women face with their boyfriends. While they are trying to get some attention and spend time with him, he might be busy playing video games all the time. This is something that can eventually become a relationship problem as it doesn’t feel good being ignored regardless if it’s videos games or not. What can be done about this situation?

First of all, you need to take the responsibility and tell him how you feel about the situation. He might not realize that you feel this way. He might be playing a game while on the phone with you and you might feel like you are second to what he is doing. Let him know this. Sometimes this alone helps fixes the issue as there can be compromises.

Tell him that when he does this to you that you feel ignored. When you do plan on having time with each other, make sure that you both focus on each other and not have competing interests like video games dominating that time.

Realize that you might be pushing him to do these things that he is doing. You might have conflict or stress in the relationship that he might be trying to get away from. This stress is making him want to play a video game versus giving you attention. Are you fighting with him? Are you constantly trying to change him?

If you find it too frustrating, just don’t be around him while he is playing games. If he wants to play a game versus talk on the phone, don’t sit there trying to have a conversation and be annoyed by it. Just get off the phone and do something else.

You can change strategies and try to get into the game with him. There are certain types of games that you can both play together.

If it’s a serious situation where he has respected you or giving you attention in weeks, you might just consider moving on. He might not be best for you and might not be a good fit if you are feeling this way.

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