In the World of Warcraft, Shadow Priests are highly desired for end-game content. They are an invaluable in instances and raids since they are able to dealing out a significant amount of dps along with a number of beneficial group buffs. They provide direct damage, channeled dps and dots in addition to group heals.
10 and 25 Man Raiding Reagents and Come Prepared

Part to be a Shadow Priest provides priest specific buffs for the whole group. This includes Prayer of Fortitude, Divine Spirit and Shadow Protection. Make sure you will find enough reagents, devout candles, to pay for without interruption lifetime of raiding. These buffs should be reapplied anytime someone dies to keep the party at full strength. Being prepared for buffs and helping fellow raiders is a huge the main teamwork that switches into raiding.
Putting together friends to raid something will take considerable time and effort. Respect this by doing the work expected. Make sure the gear is appropriate and high enough for your raid of. The gear should be enchanted and gemmed to the best of available ability. Make sure you will find enough Flasks of Frost Wyrm on the priest for the duration from the raid.
End-Game Goals
According to wowwiki, the aim of a shadow priest is usually to ‘keep some spells with unique cool-downs and durations going constantly.’ This takes a lot of time and practice. With the varying spells a shadow priest has, finding out how to cycle direct damage, channeled and damage over time (dot) spells becomes essential to success.
A unique and useful talent is Vampiric Embrace which not just restores health on the priest nevertheless the entire party at the same time based on the quantity of damage the priest produces. They also help individuals the party restore mana with Replenishment and improve the groups opportunity to hit the identical target if specced into Misery.
Shadow Priest DPS Spell Rotation
There vary stages on the rotation for Shadow Priests. For single target, you will find the opening along with the basic. When faced with mobs you can find different cast rotations. Also ensure Inner Fire buff is on all the time as it increases spell power.
Single target opening spell rotation: ( means accompanied by)
Vampiric Touch(VT)Mind Blast(MB)Devouring Plague(DP)Mind Flay(MF)
The ultimate goal would be to get Shadow Weaving to a stack of five. At five stacks, cast Shadow Word: Pain (SWP). The reason for this really is SWP will cast at whatever buff it started at due to the renewing of SWP with Mind Flay. Without the five stacks of Shadow Weaving, there isn’t any additional damage.
The basic rotation after achieving five in Shadow Weaving is cycling through the rotation with Mind Flay involving cool downs without clipping any dots! This is highly important for this class. Clipping a good secondly then a single dot could be highly detrimental towards the dps. Mind Flay dot could be clipped but only after a tick.
For trash mobs with multiple targets of three or even more, there a few different strategies. Use whichever calculates the top for the situation.
Maximize DPS on Boss Fights and AddOn Assistance
Make sure to stick to the rotations, pop Shadow Fiend and then for any and many types of trinkets available for Boss fights. If Heroism will probably be cast, make an effort to save these until which is cast to increase the best possible dps. Also renew SWP anytime Heroism is cast for increased damage.
There are AddOns to help you track dots, clips and ticks are essential in maximizing the possible dps. Event Horizon is very important since it tracks the timers from the spells cast upon the target. It can also show when you recast spells for example VT or MB without clipping the dot.
Another is MFClip, an AddOn to follow exactly that. It alerts each tick so it’s safe to get rid of that cast when needed without clipping. Keep forgetting Inner Fire or remembering to view the Shadow Weaving stacks? Try Power Aura’s to aid track Shadow Weaving stacks as well as the Inner Fire buff.
Shadow Priests are Unique and Fun to Play
It has been said by some that Shadow specced Priest is really a difficult toon to try out. It can be until the player gets used on the rotation, knowing what to look at for, how to avoid clips, tweaking dots and damage. There is often a lot to view and don’t forget nevertheless they can be so great to try out too. World of Warcraft is really a game. Have fun with it!
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