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Especically popular form of online games are browser based games. Browser based games are games that are played right in your desktop computer or laptop computer’s browser and require an internet connection. Browser based games have repeated to show a significant heave in the use of online games since browser based online games have removed the need to install and download a video game program onto your computer.

The need to download and install programs to a computer was seen as something that wasn trustworthy thus causing online games to slow in terms of attractiveness. Once browser based online games where introduced the amount of time online users spent playing online video games skyrocketed. Browser based online games are also known as Flash games. Most browser based games today are single player games and include games such as and . Online games have become a significant power online.

With keyword searches of online video games keywords well beyond millions of searches per month online games and the business behind online games could not be ignored. The online video game industry is multibillion dollar per year industry and some of the major entertainment networks such as Nicelodeon have jumped into the online video game waters.

The surge of popularity of online games on mainstream culture has contributed to several other forms of media taking advantage of video game popularity. With the advent of movies, clothes, merchandise, publications and much more, video game popularity and it successful effect on business has spawned several other successful business segments showing just how powerful online video games are.

Video game functionality, graphics and usability change constantly. Who knows where video games will be in the next 5, 10 or even 20 years. As far as online games are concerned, as browsers advance, so will the graphics of these online games. Just as console games such as Atari 30 years ago have turned into home entertainment powerhouses today someday online games will be mentioned in that same breath. I for one may not live to see how video games and online games will have advanced in the next 60 years but I am sure my children ?children will certainly have an awesome time playing video games in the year 2050 and beyond. is a online arcade with some of the hottest classic games, popular games and new games online.

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