All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. There is a compact version of that scope that I think will work. Are there any mods or upgrades to the push pin that can be done so the ammo will push into the barrel the correct distance? Start with JSB or H&N. Gamo’s Custom Action Trigger (C.A.T.) Thanks!! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. the CAT isn't a bad trigger, breaks at about 2.5 - 3 lbs but is not the most defined pull. The 1/16" allen wrench is for the first stage trigger adjustment. I'm using RWS Supermags and getting dime sized groups at 10 yards. Both of these problems are easy to do when you get caught up having so much fun and don’t pay attention. I went through and cross tightened all the other screws on the scope just to be sure. What is the outside diameter of the swarms barrel in thousands? Thanks! The thought being if the spring gets bent out of shape again, it will be harder for it to break loose from the barrel. 2. Still working on my best pellet selection but accuracy is good out of the box & should only get better. For reference I am cocking the barrel all the way down to the mechanical limit and the scope is not touching the pod at any time. This rifle is listed as weighing only 5.64lbs. I love this gun otherwise. By half cocking you can get to the seating pin. The mag system has been flawless. *Must be 18 years old. When I cock the gun it loads a pellet from the 10 round magazine just fine but when I pull the trigger it just bottoms out like the gun isn't cocked. So far it had been functioning wonderfully until today! So basically just be wary about scraping the crown with steel or bare alum. Are there longer pellets that i should be using? Can you use Copper or steel BBs in the magazine? Hopefully, our review of Gamo Swarm Maxxim has answered all your questions about this excellent affordable air rifle. That on down to about 8gr. Unless you use a cantilever mount to move the scope backward, it will be too long. The gun is defective. I am trying to improve my shooting technics, but it doesn't really help even in close ranges like 10-20 yards. The GAMO Bone Collector Swarm in .22 cal is stacking up the bones out here on the ranch. Should be getting at the most absolute minimum 790+- FPS with those pellets. You may have gone supersonic. 1,364 global ratings | 519 global reviews. So there are some downsides but nothing that I fault the gun for. i need HS code for your ( Gamo Swarm Maxxim Multi-shot Air... ) I'm just wondering how to lubricate this gun? Some will not fit. Or a higher mount will be needed? Is it a bad idea to use wd-40 to lube my 10shot swarm .177. If I dont finish it off with my finger, the rest of the mechanism will deform the pellet skirt when I rejoin the barrel to the rest of the rifle. How long can it safely be cocked and not shot without ruining seals or the piston? But how can I fix it? I was thinking about how it could happen and I am wondering if it couldn't be caused from using a vise or some kind of fixture when dialing in the scope. Definitely on the slow side. The Gen 2 rifle uses an even more ingenious loading mechanism that turns the magazine on its ear—literally. I'll post a review in a month or so. I don't see anything broken so maybe the spring has gotten weak. In MY experience, I didn’t start getting consistent shots until at LEAST 75 shots got ran through it. Can I use .22 round balls in the magazine? If it does shoot out you'll see your velocity is both very low and all over the place. I was using RWS 7gr. Thinking of returning it. I would not recommend it. Are there exploded diagram for the Gamo Swarm? I am able to cop this rifle I just wanted to know if it is possible to load the 10-round magazine one handed. Either way, make sure you get a red dot that is rated to handle the recoil of the gun. It definitely prefers my RWS Supermags over my Crossman Premiums, the Premiums had about 2-2.5 times the spread. Doubt it, but if you did they will not shoot out and you'll have to pound them back out. Run it over a chrony, see if you have a big drop off in fps or a big fluctuation. for nuisance pests as birds, rats, squirrels & rabbits only, one head shot one kill; any pests larger than these use a .22. The GAMO Swarm Maxxim comes in at a retail price of $199.00 for the .22 caliber and with all of the features on this scoped adult air rifle, it is a fantastic bargain. I thought the pellet grain may be too heavy, but not seeing any drop up to 40 yards. I am having a problem adjusting the eye relief. I don't think they could have been shortened any further from the shipped setting, so that may be the factory default. Any comments? What is the actual weight? We have never taken one apart. Also the scope is dead on at closer ranges too. 25 , 30 pound depending on who your asking? There are a ton of pre-orders, but we expect to be able to keep up (if Gamo does ship what they promise to ship!). i see it has the red band on handle , is Gamo Swarm Maxxim gonna come with a green band (for hunting) ? There will be a video coming soon and dB levels will be shown. is it possible to convert the gamo whisper vampire.22 with a similar magazine?? Can it be used one handed due to a stroke? It did not come with the 10x clip have tried through Pyramide and Amazon, no luck yet. It looks like there are some set screws holding it in place, and that there are flat sides on the end profile that could be used with a wrench. The compact version should work, but you need a 30mm dovetail mount for it, the rings the scope comes with will not fit on the gun. Insane accuracy, easy follow up shots, get it, you'll love this thing! Any easy fix? I don't know anything about this gun other than It has the same power as the bone collector only with a rotating clip Kind of cool but now how well does It perform Are there any drawbacks I don't know Does anybody have one. Braced on our table on the deck I vaporized every one first shot. The same thing happens to me. Did you try light pellets? Will destroyer .177 pellets feed smoothly in the swarm fusion mags or will it fall out or not feed? I used a 4x16x40mm on mine with the mount that it came with. I left the bullets in it and it can not rotate anymore. Second stage adjustment is a small phillips head screw . What should I replace to bring it from 7 joules to the original 20 joules? I take very good care of my guns & it stays put up in a hard gun case inside a safe when I'm not shooting it so there's no way that there was any kind of impact or anything to cause the gun to malfunction! I have to partially break the barrel to install / remove them, which is no big deal at all. the gun is a nice paper weight in the meantime. The gun cocking mechanism has failed. I am getting only 665 for 14.3 grain pellets and 555 for 21 grain and 715 for PBA platinum pellets which equals to only 14.3 ft/lbs energy? Message & Data Rates May Apply. Will a 3-9x56 air rifle scope work with this rifle? That’s our focus on this segment of the Gamo Swarm Review. Will a .177 magazine fit in the .22 Gamo swarm. If I find a cheaper pellet that works well I will try to update. This is the model I bought "Gamo Swarm Whisper, Multi-Shot Air Rifle Caliber: .177 Velocity: 1300 FP" and THAT is the exact description and YES, that is the model I got in the box! I have a problem with my 10X multishdot magazine. i had the same problem a little oil on the red plastic drive arm of the magazine loader fixed it! Despite what the haters may say about this not being a game changer, not sure how you can have a better break barrel than this for $200 or even more. So glad I pulled the trigger on this purchase! If you’re not an air gunner, I can’t tell you how cool this is. This is what happens to springers when too heavy a pellet is used. Though you really don't need to lubricate anything unless you are hearing a honking type of noise when you cock the rifle. GAMO cured that problem a couple of years ago with their invention of utilizing a rotary clip on their Swarm model. Post Feb 05, 2007 #1 2007-02-05T04:13. I see the FPS but I'd like to know FPE in 22cal.? if you break the barrel all the way down it will expose the hole going into the barrel.. i use the .177 string and put it down there. 1. Will the Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 4-12x40 AO Rifle Scope - fit on the .22 version? I can't find any videos with anything helpful. Will that harm anything inside the gun? Planing to use it in the backyard, 1 acre wooded lot. Anyone else found that to be true? uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Check out the video to see some REAL break barrel hunting action. Just watch out that you dont dry fire the thing cuz you didnt keep shot count with that stupid grin on your face. I am not a fan of the stock scope. I would say the H&N Baracuda Green since they're a great shape BC wise and have some weight in them., This for Pyramid. GAMO Swarm Fusion 10X G2 Air Rifle. Ive seen nothing but good reviews. The .22 magazine would fit into the .177 rifle but the mechanism wouldn't be able to load pellets as they wont fit into the barrel. Gamo says pretty soon, and at Shot Show they are targeting $14.95 retail. Ive had my maxxim for about a month now with regular use, never had a problem but yesterday I tried to cock it or break the barrel and it's not cocking it just breaks but doesn't cock, so you can't even pull the trigger the tension is still tight on the barrel as you break it? Unknown about the conversion you speak of . With the factory mounts and scope, the magazine does not come into the scopes view. (Left handed), i use a 50# cocking force break barrel with one hand so yes, hold the gun in my thighs. Your thoughts? Huge improvement over the cheap $90 air rifle I previously owned. I cleaned the barrel upon arrival and usually shoot 100-150 pellets during a session. But typically they shoot between 18- 20 fpe. Thank you, Pyramyd Air was able to secure earlier shipment. PA has several scopes that should work just be aware of the length otherwise you will have to change the scope mount . De Gamo Swarm Bone Collector 10X is ontwikkeld in samenwerking met Michael Waddell en Travis “T Bone” Turner uit de tv-serie “Bone Collector”. Mine did the same thing, I thought I wouldn't be able to shoot in my yard (fully fenced), so I went to a friend's place outside town and shot it again, the noise was normal. Hello I have a Maxxim Swarm .177 pellet rifles. A video on YouTube showed sliding the keeper off of the hinge pin, push the hinge pin out, unhook the two spring hooks from the drilled holes. i put a 4-12x44 scope on and it worked fine.. not sure the brand. With those pellets it is a tack driver on the NRA 10 meter range.

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