Learning while Playing in a Online Game

As we all know, child can be easily indulged themselves into a virtual world once he contacted and uncontrolled a game. So, many parents never allow their parents contact game. Does any game is so terrible?

In fact, some Games are based on learning, which is also known as game of learning. It does not only include the games that teaching children to learn the language or learning music, but also involves some large-scale online games. For example,runescape, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released for many years. Game based learning I said is relatively popular teaching theory and educational practice.

Children coordinate a good online game and learning relationship, only the game as learn and relax adjustment, instead of indulging in this relaxed feeling.

Runescape is such a game that teaches young players about basic knowledge of life skill that is easier to remember than the blunt book knowledge. They can control the character survival outdoor, learning forging, fire, farming, cooking, fishing, trading and make friends with stranger though interacting with each and participating in mini-games. It is not a simple combating system game, which has bloody scenes so children become character violent. Children will learn some skills that take come from life. To create the anvil, players should mining ore, to become a piece of metal after smelting, then use piece of metal on the anvil. At the same time, players will need iron hammer for beating stereotypes. I realized that forging a product need so many steps until played this game.

There is a psychological change process of children addicted to the game. Like the use of opium, the attempt from the beginning to the end, can not extricate himself any longer.

Certainly, runescape is also a game that easily being addicted if one can not extricate from the network uncomfortable. The best way of avoid being addicted to this game is to at high levels for starting. When a teen create a new account, he will takes more and more time on grinding in order to level up and obtain much cool equipments. But is would be improved when he gets awesome . It saves his time and energy on repeatedly cutting wood and killing cow.

The nature of learning and entertainment is something to learn by playing, precisely because of the first to raise interest in re-learning knowledge. Interest is the best teacher, if the game can make people focus on one thing, it can also be applied learning. Just keep an interest on such kind game, rather than invested energy endlessly.

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