MO Group International Offers Video Game Age Rating Consultancy Services

Brussels, January 2013 ?Games localization company MO Group International adds video game age rating consultancy to its comprehensive list of services. Offering games age rating advice for different countries around the world, MO Group International gives its partners the opportunity to reach the right markets.

MO Group International now offers video game age rating consultancy services for a number of different countries around the world. Drawing on experience and research, MO Group International will guide partners through the age rating process, advising them on how to achieve the age rating that they are targeting, regardless of the country. This service includes a how-to of age ratings, identifying contentious content and providing guidelines for timeframes and the budget that publishers can expect to face. MO Group international is also able to provide a list of recommended materials in order to make the process as efficient as possible.

he age rating process can be a confusing concept – especially for first-time publishers,?says Orad Elkayam, Head of Business Operations at MO Group International, f companies don know what to expect, then this can cause significant delays with release, not to mention problems with budget. Our service gives publishers the resources they need in order to avoid any unnecessary obstacles, and ensures that the process goes as smoothly as possible.?

With years of experience in games localization for a broad range of genres and global markets, MO Group International has thorough expertise in how to translate a game for a specific audience, both linguistically and culturally. Its native speakers know exactly which content is acceptable to a particular demographic, and which has the potential to offend. MO Group International will advise clients on which particular age rating their game is likely to receive for each country. The service also includes identification of all problematic content and advice on how to reduce the impact of such content and therefore achieve a specific rating.

ee confident that this service will enable games publishers to reach the exact market that they are targeting, without encountering any restrictions,?concludes Mr Orad Elkayam.

For more information on the range of localization and video game age rating services available, contact MO Group International.

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