Mobile Games Development- An Ongoing Explosion!

By 2016 the mobile game market is poised to reach $ 18.3 billion worldwide. This neat piece of statistics is a result of a recent study from Avista Partners. It imperative to say that mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing segments in the online world and shows a great tack record growth and more importantly sustaining the growth. What makes for a killer of a fact is that mobile gaming is spreading at a faster pace thanks to the explosion of hand held mediums from tablets to Smartphones which make for a massive exposure for even the most casual games which a few years ago was not perceived possible. /p>

An example to cite is the massive success of Angry Birds both in the mobile platform as well as the social media platform. With these things in mind can plunge into the exciting world of games development- given they have an original idea and expertise to execute the same.

Flagging of Research in motion (RIM) & the Future Ahead:

Even a few years ago, Research in motion (RIM) has been the frontrunner in the segment of as well as mobile games development. With the emergence of Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG), the crown is showing signs of slipping away. The phenomenon that has been a result of the fierce competition among various platforms is the exceptional advancement mobile or hand held devices which astoundingly nowadays come with a pixel density that rivals those of high end monitors. Also a catalyst in increasing number of sophisticated games is the phenomenal rise in the processing power of handsets, with even mid-range devices nowadays coming with dual core processors as a standard specification.

This though brings into perspective another phenomenon, that being the increases in cost of mobile games development, thanks to the increased specification and the rich features that present day mobile games have. Developing a multiplayer mobile game nowadays costs something in the range of $1.1 million, a revelation by Capcom Co points out. For the non knowledgeable, Capcom Co is the massively hit console titles of treet fighter?and esident Evil?who have now ventured into mobile games development. Though being late in the market of mobile development, and being rivaled by the mighty Apple Inc, Samsung Electronics to name a few, Capcom Co has quite literally left their console generation behind and embrace the new.

About The Author: This article has been written by a technical writer working at SynapseIndia – An experienced offering mobile and game application development solutions for both users and designers. We offer services & solutions for different Mobile platforms.

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