Most Popular PC Game Virtua Cop 2

Sega-AM2 developed the Virtua Cop 2 game and published by Sega. It has been released by AM2 studio in 1995. The game was released in 1997 for PC. Till 2002 it was most successful game on the gaming consoles PlayStation 2 also.

Its genre has been defined as Rail Shooter. For the computer it is known as one of the best Games. Most of the people consider it as action game also. It is much enjoying game on PC by mouse clicking.

In the Virtua Cop 2 there are 3 stage ?beginner stage, middle stage and expert stage. Each stage has two scenes and in 3rd scene there is a boss to fight with you in the end of the each stage.

The game runs on credit systems. In the beginning of the game there is an option to select the stage. There are 5 credits for each stage. Each credit has 4 points. Credit will be lost if anyone shoots you or if you shoot a civilian.

It has great background sound which will inspire you to shoot your enemies very aggressively. Civilian will informed you by announcing – on shoot? so marry happy? elp me?or on shoot please?etc.

There are pistol and machine gun in the beginner stage. You will get machine gun by clicking mouse over that. You have to handle mouse quickly within circle to shoot your enemies. Enemies will attack on you by pistol, bomb and an axe.

Second stage of Virtua Cop 2 is same with its beginner stage but in the end of the game bosses are different. There are many bosses to attack on you. They will fire on you only big bomb very quickly.

is different from its previous stage. In this stage there is shot gun also along with machine gun. It has some hard steps to fight with your enemies in the stage. Boss is also very strong in the stage. In each stage of the game you can make a score.

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