New developers tools to help in mobile game development

The mobile game industry is booming, making it very lucrative for game developers. There are many platforms that a developer can utilize to take the best advantage of the tools available for the platform. One such platform which helps in mobile, android or is appMobi. appMobi utilizes the HTML 5 technology.

There were recent concerns regarding the use of HTML5 for developing quality Games and weather or not if HTML 5 is fast enough to handle the canvas rendering. appMobi has addressed that concern by launching its new DirectCanvas?Technology which accelerates the HTML 5 canvas element by 500 %! This will be a boon for many iPhone and Android houses who find HTML5 as a core bonus for mobile gaming due to the adaptability of HTML5 when it comes to engaging and adding the social touch to games. This makes it possible to create interactive games where players can co operate or compete against others on the internet.

However it doesn end there, appMobi also announced that it has acquired TapJS a leading provider of social networking & engaging tools for HTML5 and java based game developers. This means that appMobi has taken care of the many worries for mobile game developers, making it possible for them to concentrate the efforts on developing any type of mobile games utilize the best tools available. The tools are aimed to enhance the games visual, artistic and sound performance. Now that operating systems on mobile devices such as Android powered phones and the Apple iPhone are as advanced as what you would find on your typical desktop computer, game creators can now make games for these devices that offer stunning graphics and excellent functionality.

This update alongside the great . offered by the mobile gaming industry can result in many new games being launched for mobile platforms in the future. After all, mobile games are now all about engagement, great art and unique concepts and now these games are also going to be faster & have a high graphic rendering rate. appMobi also conducted a case study by asking local developers to build a new game app using HTML 5 and their developer XDK toolkit. The game which was developed was accepted in the Apple App Store as well as the Android Marketplace in less than 24 hours. The future of mobile game development just got brighter.

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