Online Games Kill Spare Time And Enhance Your Creative Side

The phenomena are called online games. It will save you from boredom and allow you to be a hero for some hours by shooting at alien spaceships and scary zombies (they are all virtual though). Since capable of delivering a huge amount of entertainment, their popularity has been soaring.

Back in the 90s, their predecessors, i.e. computer games were popular but neither had been successful in creating frenzy, nor had attracted an insane number of people. Actually the growing popularity of Java and Flash related techniques contributed a lot to the surge of online games. It was Microsoft, which packed Flash as an already installed element in Internet Explorer and that resulted in Internet dishing out entertainment activities to users other than being a platform for data sharing.

Now, the scenario has taken a whole new shape. If you share the perspective of the game developers, entertainment doesn show up in the first place. Take Zynga for an example. Face book has provided them the platform, by using which they have been catering to users?widely popular games like City Ville, Farmville, and Mafia Wars. The most intriguing thing about those games is, they make the users engrossed in the virtual world. Users earn virtual currency and can buy virtual goods by using that. Thus, a virtual world parallel to real world is taking place courtesy to online games and from e-commerce to social media marketing, a large chunk of web related activities depend upon them as they gather a handsome amount of traffic.

Since the multiplayer online games are way more popular than the single player offline ones, there a huge opportunity for the social media platforms to use them and expand their user base. If Face book could have sponsored RTCW online multi-player version, they would have surpassed the 600 million user base a year ago.

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