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A madly craze of playing online games is now seen in children. It is the part of computer learning as they start to play such games with the very beginning of learning computer. Thus, they take more interest in learning computer. Such games are the modern form of entertainment. These games comprise vibrant and vivid shades. Both simple text based games and complex graphical games are found in the huge collection of online games. These online games are the true mixture of modern technology and imagination.

Online games are played on the computer screen by using computer parts like keyboard and mouse and sometimes joysticks. To play on the playground is something impossible in today modern world due to the land problem or scarcity of land. Now children are found to satisfy their desire of playing games on computer screen by playing these online games. Many websites are there in internets that offering the services of such free online games. One can easily access these online games from major websites. These websites in internet are now launching many free online games for people. These online games can easily be downloaded from these websites and that is also without spending a single price.

Some consider these games as brain vitamins which can increase the power of thinking of your child. Brilliant presentation and vibrant use of colour attract children much. Free online games are of five major types and these are first person shooter, Puzzle Strategy and Racing, MMOG and Adult Gambling. MMOG is the most popular online game. Hybrid online games are now high in demand. Gambling games are self illuminating.

Such games also have some bad effects on children as these games make them idle. Frequent playing of these games can also affect the eye-sight of a person. But still these games are widely popular. These games are very easy to download from the internet. If you want to gather more information about online games you can search the internet.

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