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Online gaming is not only about generating revenue or passing the time but it has a lot more to offer. In fact, a game represents the finest face of technology, incorporating cultural ties, and a global phenomenon that has wide boundaries, making it a relevant source of study. Free online games are not only entertainment tools but they also promote so many things such as:Information Literacy

Usually, in online games players download text files, make notes; sometimes they also take “screen shots” of the game and upload it. They also add their comments with it. A group of gaming developers then examines the provided suggestions and carries on the discussions. They also talk about relevant strategies just to bring improvements or changes. They also act as a necessary tool for knowledge creation to digital spaces. An online game acts as a platform for people from all ages and beliefs. Different people from different parts of the world collaborate in online gaming and share their experiences to get the best entertainment.

Online games develop a sense of curiosity among gamers and encourage them to find the best source to solve the gaming logics. Hence, gaming leads to real learning. Individual skills are sharpened using pooled resources.

Games initiate human mind boggling for a variety of resources, making it sensible and logical. Gaming is the most fulfilling way of social interaction and exchange of ideas and thoughts especially in multiplayer online games.

There are games that are primarily based on history. Through these games, a person can be able to understand the intricacies of civilizations. They help gamers to learn through different developments stages of the world. Many games are map based and re-enact actual events that have taken place in the world. Online games help in cultivating lateral thinking and interpretation of data in various means. Games based on team efforts help in developing togetherness and team spirits among gamers.

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