Otome visual novel Himehibi -Another Princess Days- White or Black announced for Switch [Update]

Himehibi -Another Princess Days- White or Black

Takuyo has announced Himehibi -Another Princess Days- White or Black, the first new entry in the otome love adventure game since 2009. It will launch for Switch in summer 2020 in Japan.

The reveal poster features the following characters, from left to right:

Emi Kisakino (Princess)Chiharu Sumeragi (voiced by Ryouhei Arai)Masamune Arashiro (voiced by Atsushi Tamaru)Yumejii Sensoku (voiced by Sakai Koudai)Kazumi Totoroki (voiced by Shun Horie)Nakahito Kamibukuro (voiced by Kenji Akabane)

The game’s staff is as follows:

Executive Producer: Shigehiro TaguchiScenario: Shuu Inoue, Kotoko Sekiguchi, and Yuan ShiratoriCharacter Design: Fuzuki

Thanks, @akabane_work, @macho_HT, and @chimiki.

Update 11/15/19 at 4:15 a.m.: Takuyo has published the reveal poster online, which has been replaced above.


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