Playing a game for love

This is the first time I decided and finally managed to play Runescape. Before this, I have never played any MMORPG. And that exactly why my classmates tend to make fun of me. According to them, this game is not that easy.

Just between us, I made this decision only because of some guy. Or, not just some guy. There is this classmate next to our class that I have a crush for. But I never told him how I feel about him, so he knows nothing about this. However, one friend of mine told me that he likes to play computer Games, especially Runescape. Computer games! How come this never occurred to me?! He is a typical sunshine boy,. Of course he loves computer games.

To make this short, this is how I had loved Runescape right before I met er?

And it came over me that this is a great chance. You may not know that the favorite novel of mine tells the love story of a beautiful and lovely girl and a handsome and smart boy. As a matter of fact, they met through the game and they fell in love with each other in the game. They even got married in the game, and in reality in the end. This is the chance! It is said that God helps those who help themselves. I think this is absolutely right in opportunity-creating.

And this is how I started to play Runescape. I made a plan in terms of , and registered a free account at the same time. The official forum declares that there are several skills that free accounts can not get access to. And I do not want to lose him just because of some free account.

I asked one of his friends which server he is on, and information about his username, total levels, quest point, and gold. Then I made a thorough plan, covering the place, time, method of accidentally meeting him and first making friends with him. I made every step with my plan, and I successfully dded?him as one of my friend. And then I began to earn?how to play the game well since I was just newbie. This is the most difficult part in my plan. As we all know, boys may get impatient if a girl keeps asking him questions. On the other hand, I do not want to look silly. After all, one day I will have to meet him face to face, and the image of silly girl will undoubted repel him. The degree is a serious matter. It is not an overstatement if I say I worked so hard on this.

I have never thought it would be so hard when I first played Runescape. Once I win his heart, I think I will at once.

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