Project Sakura Wars 'Claris' character song music video

Project Sakura Wars

Sega has released the character song music video for Project Sakura Wars character Claris.

The song, titled “Rinbu,” is sung by Claris voice actor Saori Hayami, written by Jirou Ishii, composed by Kouhei Tanaka, and arranged by Yasuhisa Murase.

Previously released character songs include Huang Yui, Anastasia Palma, Lancelot, Azami Mochizuki, Elise, Hatsuho Shinonome, and Sakura Amamiya.

Project Sakura Wars is due out for PlayStation 4 on December 12 in Japan, and in spring 2020 in North America and Europe. Read more about the game here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Watch the character song music video below.


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