Redbox offer video game rental

Redbox , every favorite video rental kiosk, will try to rent a different type of disk -. Video Games
According to them Wikipedia entry, Redbox over 22,000 kiosks in the United States. Big Draw is a convenient location and cheap, you can rent a DVD for a buck a day, with no late fees. Some locations also available in Blu-ray movies for extra time fifty cents.
Now Redbox will challenge companies such as Blockbuster and GameFly, by offering video games for an additional fee. According to USA Today, Parking costs $2 per day , and consist mainly of new versions. The article states that the games will be available for most major platforms, including Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.
Service is broadband in the West, Midwest, Atlantic U.S. markets and the near future and may have wider exemption if the service proves to be beneficial for the company.
The question is whether people will be willing to pay $2 per day for video games, where services such as GameFly allow customers to rent games indefinitely at $16/month. A key differentiator may be the supply of the game. One of the biggest arguments against GameFly is the fact that they rarely have new games on sale at the right time. If Redbox may have a good supply at the start of the game, people might be willing to pay extra money to a game in hand when they leave their local grocery store.

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