Root Film details Nego6, Shimanekko, Kazuya Makita, Hina Shiraishi, and Kentarou Yamagishi

Root Film

Kadokawa Games has detailed five new characters set to appear in Root Film, including real-life comedian Nego6.

Get the details below.

Nego6 (voiced by Nego6)

Root Film

A comedian from Shimane. For some reason or another, he often shows up in front of Yakumo and company.


Root Film

Shimane Prefecture’s sightseeing mascot character. It has a generally cheerful personality.

Kazuya Makita (voiced by Yuuki Fujita)

Root Film

An employee of the Kotoshiro family. He has a gentle and kind personality. He has a close relationship with Ayane Kotoshiro.

Hina Shiraishi (voiced by Natsumi Matsubara)

Root Film

She plays the flute in the “Iwami Kagura Miho Troupe” band. She is fainthearted and easily influenced, and the type to usually show her emotions.

Kentarou Yamagishi (voiced by Kentaro Yamagishi)

Root Film

One of the competing directors in the Mystery Drama Project. He is known for his talent.

Root Film is due out for PlayStation 4 and Switch in spring 2020 in Japan. A western release is also planned. Read more about the game here.


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