Sand painting Beauty and the game geek

What can draw a beautiful picture? The pen, ink, paper, ink and pigment? And Do you see with sand to paint?Do not worry, click this video makes you amazing. Sand painting beauty and the game geek story introduction: Now a lot of young men love to play MMO-game.Game can ease their work or study pressure. Especially when a man falls in love. They work during the day and at night went to accompany his girlfriend to participate in some of the party, but also want to play the game, do not know how to do. How to resolve this problem? It is very important. A game player made a sand painting about a story with his girlfriend and game. For playing Games, they almost broke up, because his girlfriend think he does not care about her, only knows to play the game, and now they love each other very much, but he can still play his favorite game.Do not give up.See how he do. Look at their brilliant dialogue, a dinner party has resolved the crisis of their love. “Are you ready now?” We have a party at 7o’clock. ———– “later……” “Now are you OK?” “Wait a moment…..,” “Now you can accompany me to go?” ——“Give me more minutes. I need gold to buy top level items.” Friend: “Why not come now? The party is about to begin.” “You dont know…@#$%?amp;*%##$?amp;%$$#*&?I want to take over this,to break up with him.” Friend: Oh~~, it’s nothing! You gotta to “” then can solve everything!!! They go to thepowerlevel to buy gold then buys the top items only cost 10minuts. Then go hand in hand after 19:00 party.

Hi,I am a game’s gold farmer with 5 years of experience in a professional game gold studio.And i am so excited to expect the new online game Guild wars 2,lol,if you want to,or need ,please contact me,i can provide the)by the way,write article is one ofmy hobbies,I’d like to share some of my favorit!

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