Scratching The Competitive Itch With Online Games

With the rapid development of the Internet and the increasing popularity of multiplayer gaming, online games have become the ‘in’ thing with our generation. There has been a notable increase in online multiplayer elements being integrated into most online games. With the onslaught of new gaming titles in the market, more and more people are starting to explore the gaming world. Even if competitive gaming doesn’t measure to the ranks of actual competitive online games like sports, it’s still getting a strong following. There are a few titles which have fostered their own competitive communities.

One of the online games gaining a huge competitive popularity is the squad-based “League of Legends”, which is the descendant of “Warcraft III”. While it cannot be compared to its ancestor in markets outside of Europe and US, its status is rapidly increasing. The team developers added more depth and more options; it focused on breaking the limitations that used to go with the original. LoL is one of the video online games that inspired the creation of clans, and it has been standing out in professional competitive arenas.

Despite the number of online games that continuously sprout, “counter-Strike” still owns the title as the most prominent competitive FPS. Even with the updates made, the core of the game doesn’t change much; a lot more people prefer it this way. Like other FPS online games, the team outlook promotes a “clan” mentality among the gamers.

The first part of “StarCraft II” was finally released after a decade of waiting and has become the go-to title for competitive online gamers. Blizzard Entertainment has continuously updated the game to make the game as flawless and streamlined as possible. The results have been well-received by the gaming community. Early in its development, clans are already starting to form and more detailed strategies are being discovered. It was well worth the wait.

Thanks to an emerging online component and a rapidly-developing meta-game discovering how well-balanced it is, “Street Fighter IV” is emerging as an excellent choice for online games that go one-on-one. The long-awaited addition to the classic fighting game franchise corrects the perceived mistake of its predecessor and brings back much of the classic cast of “Street Fighter II” while holding on to the series’ roots of complex move interactions and stirring, strategic combat. It won’t displace Namco’s “Tekken 6” just yet, but time will tell whether or not Capcom has delivered in that regard.

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