Secret Gold Guide by Hayden Hawke surprised me quite a bit after you have it to find out if there was anything new offered. As a veteran WoW gold guide reviewer and gamer, I’m employed to seeing WoW gold guides that can come and go, the majority are just rehashed information, or are so badly organized that whatever valuable strategies are presented get lost in translation. There are several decent WoW gold guides on the market, there is certainly a great deal of cross referenced information but each one has a selected “style” which makes them unique enough to supply real value. I’m glad to express that Hayden Hawke’s new gold guide is on of them.

Let’s begin with the key guide. At over 200 pages, this is the nice sized guide that delivers substantial and well organized gold making strategies in a simple and readable manner. Let’s take a peek at the table of contents. The introductory section is ordered as thus:

-Thinks to find out and do Before You Get Started
-Bag Space
-Auction House Alts
-Talent Builds for Your Farmer
-Rare NPC’s
–Fishing Buddy
–Loot Filter
–Quest Helper
Chapter 1 – The Auction House

As you will see, from the very beginning the following information starts you off with the inspiration you need to get a WoW profiting off right. This is the best introduction I’ve seen associated with a of the guides I’ve used. And this is only the first 10 pages. Very valuable information. As they say, you’ve already won your struggle when you ever take on the ring if you have prepared to win, and Hayden Hawke has prepared you to definitely win.

Secret Gold Guide won’t skimp from the supplemental guides. All the best WoW gold guides have great supplemental guides that supply value in addition to the main guide. In other words, they may be small guides that supply either tactics which are not in the main guide, or dig deeper or provide various ways to a specific subject that is however guide. With this in mind, Secret Gold Guide created a group of supplemental guides that can further your WoW gold making exploits, here is a list of the supplemental guides.

Miners Companion
Herbalist Handbook
Fishing Cooking Mastery Guide
Dual Boxing Guide
Crafters Compendium
Class Talent Guide

No guide is complete without the authors support system, here Hayden does a great job of providing a ticket support system if you happen to get stuck or need additional clarification about gold making strategy. I’ve tested the support and Hayden is responsive. I’m not a massive fan in the ticket system, I prefer a members only forum, but a responsive ticket system works OK for the most part.

I really am happy with the work Hayden Hawke put into Secret Gold Guide, as it stands right now, it really is one of the most popular guides. Hayden Hawke really put some effort forward on this guide and yes it shows, this is the high quality guide.Article Source: More Information About WoW Gold Guides? Click Here – WoW Gold Guide Need a WoW Quest Helper? Click Here – WoW Quest Helper

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