Secrets To Getting Video Games And Movies To Resell

Without a doubt the video game and movie markets are a billion dollar industry and if you can gain just 4% of this market you will gain a significant amount of income. I would know I used to own a successful video game and movie store on ebay. But I found the process of listing items over and over again very tedious. But that is another story. Let’s concentrate on the wholesale aspect as well as some great sources to obtain video games.

Now, when it comes to finding video games to sell you have a lot of choices. You can either sell new or used video games. Actually, in my opinion, selling used video games could make a better return on the back end. Mainly because their is not a definite markup. It all depends on the price you are able to get on the front end. If you’re an eBay merchant or buyer you can probably find plenty of used video game lots wholesale right on eBay to resell. Their are plenty of people who were willing to let go of exceptional console and game lots at rock bottom prices.

Another great place to find movies as well as used video games is at your local Blockbuster store. Wait for the buy 2 get 2 free sale and stock up. Buy as much as you can. This presents a deep discount and could give you a great return. Another technique is to list games on eBay without buying the game. Though I don’t truly recommend this, not for the faint of heart, it is a way to make a few bucks when just starting out. But look out. If the game is sold by Blockbuster before you return then you will either have to search all around town to find the game, buy it brand new or eat the negative results of not sending the game and returning the auction money.

Now, when it comes to new movies and video games kept it down to 3 wholesale dealers, Sams Club, Costco and Live in Costco and Sams clubn and research the sale prices for each distributor. One thing, Sams or Costco will not give any discounts for their merchandise, so don’t ask.. was great also. They do offer discounts and are will help you to establish your business. Drop shipping is also available. The art of drop shipping is selling the products and having the distributor ship the product to your customer with your address and name on the package. Here is the funny part. distributor/business partner supplies Costco and Sams club. So I could negotiate deals with them on bulk purchases. This is a great service, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Well, I hope you are able to turn one or two of these sources into a very profitable business. Thanks and Good Luck.

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