Skipdoctor Video Game Scratch Fixer An Ideal Tool To Repair Your Video Games And Other Disks

SkipDoctor from Digital Innovations is one of the greatest products on the market for video game disc repair. Before throwing away a costly video game for your Xbox or any other game consoles, have a look at SkipDoctor and think about the possible savings a device like this could offer.

Prior to purchasing a disk repair machine, a video game cleaner or any Compact disk or DVD cleaner must be first used. Sometimes a video game can freeze up with simply the presence of a fingerprint. Although the disks could be cleaned at home with alcohol, a lent free cloth is essential.

If this sort of cloth is not available, just buy a cleaning kit. These types of kits have microfiber cleaning pads configured for use with a disk. They also include a bottle of cleaning fluid. They’re typically 10 dollars and well worth the money. If the disk still has issues, then it will need to be repaired with SkipDoctor.

Also named a video game scratch fixer, SkipDoctor uses a special technology which repairs a scratch by resurfacing the disk, while at the same time not damaging the disk. It uses radial disks connected to a motor that spins the disks while they are resurfaced and polished.

The machines when bought new include a scratch pad, along with buffering pad and a bottle of resurfacing liquid. There’re numerous brands out there for repairing disks and care must be taken when making the purchase. Some are good for cds DVDs but not game disks.

The SkipDoctor model 1013000 is designed for video game disks. Furthermore, it can still be used for Compact disks and DVD disks, which is attractive for buyers who may have repair needs for their music and movies . They normally cost between forty and fifty dollars and are an excellent investment for anyone with a large collection of video games and other discs.

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