Snake — One Of The Most Popular Online Games

Snake is one of those very few games, which have received world wide acclaim for their simple instructions, rules and immense excitement quotient. Unlike most other online games where the player gets stuck midway due to lack of proper knowledge about the game, this game helps the players to continue playing with complete ease. This is presumably because of the few keys that are involved and the use of lucid language which help the players comprehend the game easily. Playing this game online does not involve any expense and it is free of cost.

This game will captivate your interest till the end and it keeps on becoming more and more addictive as you proceed to the next level. The rules of the game are very simple and the player just needs to control the movement of the reptile. This is done with the help of arrow keys and must be done very carefully because a wrong move can put you at great risk of losing the game. There is no key for bringing the movement of the snake to a halt and if it is not controlled properly it might just end up striking either with its own tail or the walls or boundaries on the screen. Both these circumstances will put an end to the game and your dream of winning would remain unfulfilled.

There is no special skill or wit required to win this game and all you need is a good coordination of your eyes and hand. You have to be focused and must use the right keys at the right time. This will help the creature to easily reach the place where the goodies are placed. Also, you must try to make the creature engulf the bonus goodies which will bring a great leap in your total points earned. The initial levels will not pose much problem when the creature is small in length and its speed is slow too. Problem arises with the progressive levels when the reptile becomes longer by engulfing food in the various stages.

Even the speed of the snake increases considerably and it is really tough to clear the stages. Increase in length of the reptile coupled with its increasing speed often arouses the interest of the players even more. Players just don want to give up and want to fight till the end until they succeed in coming out with flying colors.

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