st Century Video Game Consoles

Consoles, or home video game systems, are a very popular form of entertainment. Experts at Sony estimated, in the year 2000, that one out of every four households in the USA had a Sony Playstation. It has now become a universal phenomenon, and Sony has plenty of competition from other companies. A console is a highly specialized computer, much cheaper than a computer (ranging from $30 to $200 for a Sony). Loading takes place quicker, and a console can easily be connected to your TV or stereo, doing away with compatibility issues. Most consoles have to be just plugged in to be played. And the most important reason for a console popularity ?multiple player facility. All video Games have these core components in common ?CPU, RAM, User Control Interface, Video and Audio Outputs, Software Kernel or Operating System, and Storage.

Here is a list of the most popular consoles, and the average minimum prices that they are available at:

The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Console, at $180, has a handheld console type, widescreen display, 333 MHz processing speed, and has multiplayer facility. It comes with a re-chargeable lithium-ion battery, and can run for 2.5 hours. The basic features accompanying the PSP are the built-in stereo speakers, exterior headphone connector, brightness control and sound mode selections.

The Microsoft Xbox Console costs about $130. This has DVD playback ability, as well as broadband internet connectivity. Best of all four players can participate at the same time. This high-end console system has a 733 MHz Intel processor, and voice-activated headsets.

The Nintendo DS Console is also priced at $130. It has an installed RAM of 4 MB, and can display 260,000 colors. The re-chargeable lithium-ion battery can run up to 10 hours. And surprise, it has an internal clock with an alarm!

The Nintendo Super NES Console, at $37, is a steal. Some of Nintendo biggest characters are now available here ?Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, you name it. With stereo audio support and 32,768-color display, the total catalogue of games is above 500.

The Nintendo DS Lite Console, $25, has dual screens and touch-screen technology. The free Wi-Fi connection helps you to vie with players across the globe.

These are just some of the many games available nowadays. Some video game systems even have built-in special effects now, whether it is lighting options or mapping. Just remember to look for the one with the maximum battery life, and a good processor.

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