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The Minecraft game is one of the best, highly innovative and captivatingly entertaining video-Games to ever hit the marketplace.
Now everyone, from the casual enthusiasts to the most hardcore gaming gurus, can enjoy this award-winning video-game with his or her own free Minecraft account.
Our philosophy is simple: a game this good, no, this great – should be experienced by as many people as possible.
We will show you how to get Minecraft for free on any of the available public servers.
This is not a pitch for a software crack to be played on a dubious crack server; we are talking about legitimate high quality Minecraft free accounts !

Why it has become so popularlar

Since it was made available to the public in May 2009, it has become one of the most downloaded and hottest selling video games in the market.
Its simple yet highly engaging gameplay, allow users to enjoy a level of creativity comparable to building with virtual Lego bricks in a digital world of their own creation.
This is coupled with the challenge of thriving and surviving the threats and dangers of this virtual world, a feat that calls for extreme mastery of dozen of elements and complete control over infinite possibilities and outcomes.


It comes as no surprise then that it has reaped numerous rewards from prestigious and highly respected entities such as the Game Developers Conference and the Independent Games Festival.
It has sold more than 11 million copies across a wide variety of platforms, including the Xbox 360, where it has done extremely well.
Free Minecraft has garnered critical acclaim from all sectors. Critics love the creative freedom it allows its players.
At the same time it has received praise for the way it manages to generate complexity from its simple components.
PC Gamer has even name it he 4th best game to play at work.?p>

Mine-craft has it costs

All this goodness comes at a price, literally. Unfortunately, the approximately $26 cost of the game may be somewhat prohibitive to many, especially kids.
At the same time, many first-time and newbies may balk at the thought of shelling out this significant amount for what is essentially and unproven distraction for them.
The cost is a LIMITING factor that turns MANY people away from what we are certain is a GREAT gaming experience.
The trial/beta version can compare to the premium version which deserves to be experienced by everyone.
This is what we believe. In fact, we are passionate enough about our conviction that we are giving everyone the opportunity to play.

we offer you something unique
We are convinced that you will be smitten by it ingenious style and be taken in by its highly engaging challenges.
You literally will be wanting more! But before you make that investment and shell out good money to support the creators, save your money and try Minecraft for free with us, then you can always donate some money to the creators later if you wish.

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