3v3 arena Comps Allot has changed in the world of warcraft while using latest expansion, abilities has changed along with talent trees and new spells. These changes never have influenced PvE nearly as almost as much ast they’ve influenced PvP content. Class balance has evolved and mortal strike effects areContinue Reading

Games are certainly one way of spending free time for most men. In their minds, an enormous amount of fantasy exists. No wonder the World of Warcraft became an instant hit in the market. Ultimate WoW Guide is also one of the newest craze that followed the creation of theContinue Reading

Dugis Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide. Dugies World of Warcarft guide has been produced by Dave Farwell (Dugi), a WOW expert with 7860 hours of play time and energy to his credit. The guide includes specifics of different facets in the game like leveling, professions, PVP, making gold, etc. WhatsContinue Reading