Brick-breaker Video Game Addiction I used to feel so superior to people who played video Games for hours on endasting their life away indoors, staring at a screen, avoiding real human interaction. What losers! Uh, yeah. Not quite. I sure don feel that way now that Ie had a tasteContinue Reading

Battlefield Three Video Game Preorder By Enterprise Ea With consoles receiving plenty of preferential treatment lately, it’s no surprise that PC gamers instantly questioned the development focus of DICE’s upcoming Battlefield installment. Fortunately, Game Informer affirms that the title is being crafted with PC gamers in mind. “We won’t makeContinue Reading

st Century Video Game Consoles Consoles, or home video game systems, are a very popular form of entertainment. Experts at Sony estimated, in the year 2000, that one out of every four households in the USA had a Sony Playstation. It has now become a universal phenomenon, and Sony hasContinue Reading

Video Games An Escape Into Virtual World Nowadays, the advancements in software technology have made video games more than ever having super realistic 3D effect and graphics. Unlike movies which are viewable only, video games are more exciting in that the characters and objects in the screen can be controlledContinue Reading