The Good And Bad Side Of Online Games

Gone are those good olden days when children used to play in group as families used to be joint family and had many children. There has been a paradigm shift presently in the lifestyle giving in to smaller nuclear families with one or two child, with both parents working to make ends meet more comfortably. There was no problem in joint family regarding looking after the children because someone was always there to look after them. In nuclear families where both the parents had to go out to work, there online games offer huge aid as an effective baby sitter that not only makes a child sit at one place, but also heightens his/ her perceptual power and responses.

The web is abundant with a wide diversity of online games, ranging from action and adventure to puzzles and word games. The variety of online games excites the children to play with initial assistance, wherever necessary. Bright and colorful animations provided by these online games on interactive basis are enough to catch the attention of the children as well as the grown up people. Particularly the online games having the domino effects cast a spell on the young children.

Online games have various positive points as well as negative points. Let us begin with the different positive points of online games for instance it relieve the parents from worrying about the fellow children who can play with their child and also help the parents to escape the process of appointment of a baby sitter whose duties are generally to look after the safety of the child. Beside these online games allow pleasure and fun along with sharpened intelligence to your child. Your child subconsciously learn and refine ones skills, hand and eye coordination, reflexes, logical thinking and various other skills through online games. Most importantly children get acquainted with the operation of computers and eventually attained a unique comfort level with their computer and gains confidence in the subject forever! The online games infuse in your child a sense of understanding of what competition means and help them to learn how to remain patience.

The negative sides of the online games are that it centralizes the children to their room, making them addicted to computer games and indulging them to remain inside spending several hours in front of the computer. Parents do not understand allowing their children to play several hours of online games will make lose an important part of their life. Playing outdoor games, making friends are equally important in building character, improving physique and creating a healthy environment. It brings an overall development and helps the child to face challenges in their life.

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