The Greatest Jobs Ever Video Game Tester

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How great would it be to get paid for just playing video games? Interestingly enough, such jobs actually exist. Video game testers, as they are called, have the assignment of ensuring that video games are completely flawless before being released to the market. As the video game industry has boomed over the last few decades, the role of video game testers in the development process has grown increasingly more significant.

Although being paid to test out video games may sound fun, it is still quite a job in its own right. Video game testers perform what is known as quality assurance. This is a very thorough and tedious task that involves testing every single portion of a video game. Video game testers in charge of software are responsible for trying everything out in a game to ensure that it yields the desired output. They do this to check for flaws in the code written to create the game, which can cause things as blatant as the game crashing to undesired outcomes as subtle as stuttering in sound.

Hardware game testers, on the other hand, are in charge of the various components of the physical game itself. The primary objective for hardware testers is ensuring the quality of the controller. This task includes testing out all the possible combinations of , as well as reporting on how comfortable the controller is to hold. Hardware game testers may also be assigned to test out how different components, such as memory sticks and video cards, affect gameplay.

Communication is vital for a video game tester. As a member of the development team, it is essential that a video game tester reports any bugs or flaws in a game to the other members of the team promptly. If a game is released before it is fully debugged, the company can take a significant downturn. In addition to the cost of creating fixes and offering refunds, consumers will be less likely to purchase games from the company, costing them future sales.

Anyone interested in the field of video game testing ought to check the classifieds for work first. People serious about a position ought to treat it as a career in quality assurance, and not just a summer gig to earn some quick bucks. A prospective video game tester needs to present to his or her potential employer credentials, like a college degree or a technical certificate, to show his or her interest in the field. The key to success in video game testing is simply to treat video game testing as the professional work it is.

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