There is no doubt that when running a game

There is no doubt that when running a game, you should not only serve the old players, you should also take the new players into consideration. To help the new players have better experice in game with the cost of less wow gold, Blizzard is about to bring you suprises.

Blizzard has revealed that it will remove the malleable attribute from most of the wow items in PVP before, but they have not explained much details about it. Recently, the blue post made some accurate replies to the levels and malleable attribute of the gears in PVP. Today, we are going to talk about what influence these changes can make to our players.

Firstly, Blizzard has decided to control the wow gears in PVP environment (battlefields / tournaments). It is decision which is aimed at improving the game experience of the new players. As there is a limit for the conquest points you can get every week(if you can not ensure your rate to win, it is really suffering to get the full conquest points), the gap between the old players and the new players are hard to eliminate. If you want to catch up, you have to consume the same conquest points to improve your gears. While the level of the old players?gears is still upgrading, it made the new players have no methods at all. The smart Blizzard comes up with this method to relief this kind of situation to let more players to take part in the PVP. As for the crack gears, they might be some meaningful ornaments, or they can just help to make it more easy for you in the battle in the fields.

The reason why the malleable attribute is removed from most of the weapons is out of the same aim with the point mentioned above. As the player can not always have so much time in game, that it is really hard for them to have plenty of practice both in the PVP and PVE. So, decreasing the standards can allow more players to take part in. Removing the malleable attribute and let all professions have up to 65% malleable attribute, would it make those professions which depend on the malleable/ stamina too much in the past have too much buff? The most classic example should be the Sorcerer. As the Sorcerer has all kinds of skills to reduce the damages and heal himself, the high malleable attribute means they can be much stronger than other players. The blizzard would not remove the malleable/ stamina gems, so, the Sorcerer can not only remain the power to be immune to the damages, but also they can be more focused on the improving damages they can cause to the enemies. This may cause the imbalance in game, and the Official has already paid attention to that.

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