Tools Up! launches December 3

Tools Up!

Tools Up!, its four-player local co-op top-down action game about renovating apartments, will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steamm on December 3, publisher All In! Games and developer The Knights of Unity announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


Imagine you and your friends renovating a house—busy work right? Well you can test them out in this hasty and fun co-op game! Tools Up! lets you gather up to four players on your couch and paint walls, tear off wallpapers and move uh… couches against the clock! So be sure not to get in the way!

The inhabitants of a mysterious skyscraper left their homes in your hands. All that is left is a blueprint of how the house should look when they come back. Cooperate (or don’t—we don’t judge) with your friends to make their dreams a reality!

Tear down walls, put down tiles and throw everything you need to one another across the apartments, hoping to not make it more messy than it was before. Its so easy you wont be able to mess it up! Or is it… ? Bored with the campaign? We have Party Mode that lets you choose the level you want to master. Be the home improvement you always wanted to see. Be Tools Up Co.

Key Features

There are four characters when you start but so many more to unlock and love!Sprinkle some rainbow on dull, gray apartments. Make them shine! Make them wonderful.Playful and fun gameplay requires fun and playful art style—in Tools Up! we have both covered.Afraid of messing up the game for fellow players? Don’t be! Tools Up! lets you take whatever part you want in the renovation! Are you the hardcore renovator that wants to multitask? Great! Or are you more of a furniture pusher? That’s amazing too! Just running around and being a clown is still an important role—house renovation is a complicated science. And we don’t judge.Remember that only the person holding the blueprint can change camera angles. Use it for good. OR FOR EVIL! Go on… Create some chaos!Throw things to people… in other rooms! Just be sure to clean up any mess afterwards.Throw people… to other rooms! It’s always fun. Oh—and do backflips! Make people laugh!Each campaign mission is unlocked in Party Mode for you and your friends to master! Get the highest ranking in all the levels! We know you can do it!Expecting ice, fire or puppies? No? Well, you should! Tools Up! levels and environments are rich and varied. Expect different weather too.

Watch a new trailer below.


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