Video Game Testing Job Explained

Video game testing career are popular nowadays. You will need to have the skills and education to stand out among your peers. If you want to become of the video game testers, stated below are some guide for becoming a Video Game Tester. Read it to become a good video game testing people you can.

College education is not really needed, but, it can definitely be an asset in the competitive gaming niche. College course in computer programming, program management, and software development would be beneficial to obtaining the top paying jobs at video game testing job community.

Good communicating skills is a must though. If you are in a degree program, consider taking English and writing courses. It is really usefull as you are communicating software issues to the developers. They must be able to clearly understand the bug you encountered in order to properly put in a fix.

Once you know you are qualified, the next big step is to find open positions. This is not your typical industry in the fact that you do not find your traditional want ads for these positions. A great place to start is at a developer’s website. Many of the big name, industry leaders will post the in-house and freelance positions only on their websites.

If gaming is your one true love and a focused and determined attitude, then a career in the video game niche may be for you. Patience plays a big role here as this is a high demand career field, but with the perfect qualification you are certain to find a job as a tester.

Game testing staffs are usually paid hourly (around US$10-12 an hour). Testing management is usually more lucrative, and requires experience and college education. An annual survey found that testers earn an average of $39k annually.

Testers with less than three years experience earn an average of US$25k while testers with over three years experience earn US$43k. Testing leads, with over six years experience, earn on an average of US$71k a year.

Becoming a successful takes a lot of hardwork and patience. Know more about it by visiting .

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