Witch life fantasy RPG Little Witch in the Woods latest trailer

Little Witch in the Woods

Developer Sunny Side Up has released the latest trailer for Little Witch in the Woods, a witch life fantasy RPG planned for release on PC in winter 2020, with potential PlayStation 4 and Switch versions to follow.

Here is an overview of the game, via its the YouTube description of its earlier trailer:


To graduate witch school, the little witch Ellie goes to work as a apprentice in a witch’s house. When Ellie arrived at the witch’s house, all she saw was a worn-out house with a village that looked like four to five people lived. Here starts the story of Ellie trying to get good grades for her graduation in the witch school!

Key Features

The life of a witch in the fantasy world – This game’s setting is a fantasy world where witches exist. Feel free to experience the world through various activities!Unique and fascinating plants, animals, and ecosystem – Connect with the different plants and animals, and the ecosystem of those plants and animals around the village!Explore the fascinating areas around the village – There are a lot of different themes around the village. Use the witch’s power to explore the village and get ingredients for potions!Process ingredients to make various potions – You can make the witch’s potions by processing ingredients. These potions are also used in a lot of different ways!Develop the village – At first, the village is pretty small, but by helping the village NPCs, you can develop it. Upgrade the village and meet all the NPCs!Various characters and many stories – The NPCs sometimes move in or move out. Meet all the new NPCs and discover their stories!Meet your lifelong partner – By love bombing, you can meet your lifelong partner! Though it may not be a human.

Watch the trailer below. Visit the developer on Twitter @SunnySideUp_DEV.


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