As you may already saw, the retail price in auction house is very high. So why don’t we turn this into our personal advantage. Wool Cloth farming isn’t easy, there’s no one place with big drops. That’s why it sells good as well as for big amount of money. I traveled over the Azeroth, checking the ultimate way to obtain a lots of Wool fast. I came across three places which satisfied me. Let me explain to you these locations where are worth to evaluate.

First of most, allow me to mention that Wool Cloth drops from Humanoids ranged from level 14 to 36. Now to the 2 best places to farm it:

* Wetlands: Find the “Mosshide Gnolls”. They are inside the southern a part of Wetlands. The drop rates are around 35%. But the major reason for Wool Cloth farming at this place is that the respawn duration of these Gnolls is incredibly low, in order to literally be there and farm indefinitely.

* If you happen to be Alliance, you really want to go to Stockades dungeon in Stormwind. There are only humanoids mobs and the drop rates are very high. They are obviously elite mobs, consider you happen to be farming using a advanced character (80-85), it isn’t a problem.

* If you happen to be not that lucky, and you happen to be about the Horde side:), you wish to visit Deadmines dungeon. It is in western a part of Westfall. There are also only Humanoid mobs and drop Wool Cloth frequently.
I found out the tree places gives you throughout the same amount of Wool Cloth hourly. So it is your decision where to go. If you happen to be an Enchanter I recommend doing either Stockades or Deadmines, because besides Wool Cloth farming you receive another lot of green what to disenchant. And needless to say everytime you farm something, be sure to go with your highest level character (80-85 recommended). So don’t waste your time killing the mobs. You should be capable to one-shot the mob. Time is money, right:) Oh and needless to say – clear your bags, before heading anywhere!

Anyway, Wool Cloth farming may be one of the ways to earn gold in World of Warcraft. But after I got a duplicate of , I found out other MUCH more profitable methods for getting tons of gold easily. You just need to recognize all the tricks.;) I warmly recommend it for your requirements.

I’m a normal WoW player, constantly searching the ways making a lots of gold in limited time. But thanks to Gold Secrets I even reached so named gold cap (a million gold).


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